Monday, July 14, 2008

Over and Out

Well, it's official. This blog is done. I need to save all the entries to a disk or something, 'cause this chapter of my life is over. It's been great being single and out of my parents' house. I've thoroughly enjoyed my roommates - although, to be honest, there're one or two I wouldn't wish to live with again. I've enjoyed, for the most part, traveling back and forth across the country. Okay, actually, I hate it. I mean, I love traveling, but MOVING my LIFE across the world and then back and forth and back and forth across the country a ridiculous number of times in a very short matter of years is extremely annoying. But really, I've been blessed to see some places I wouldn't have been able to otherwise; and do things, particularly various jobs that would've been undesirable with a husband. And that's all behind me now. One awesome chapter of my life is closing ever more rapidly on me.

And yet, married life, along with it's inevitable hardships, is getting ever more intriguing. Although I will always have Mike with me (Heaven willing) I'm not feeling any sadness over my "loss of freedom." In fact, when I think about it, I feel like I'll just be able to do more, because I won't ever have to do it alone if I don't want. Climbing mountains, riding rollercoasters, and jumping out of planes will all be easier, because I'll have Mike there to talk me through my fear of heights. (Okay, not jumping out of planes. I wouldn't get your hopes up, Mike.)

DON'T think for one second though that I'm done blogging. Although I've talked about starting up another blog for Mike and I, I simply haven't got around to it. Give me a break! I'm in the middle of the woods with shoddy internet capabilities. Mike, on the other hand, took the initiative and started it up for us. He even made the first entry. Go to and give it a look. I think we've got potential.

This is Major Mal, over and out. ;)