Monday, January 29, 2007

Congrats Wagner!

Seth Wagner's getting married! Yay! Her name is Emily Jean Shephard.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back to 7's

Here's a few I was thinking of a while ago.


1) I will always be a little flattered when guys try to hit on, whistle at, or just all-around make fools out of themselves for me. Yeah, it can sometimes be cheesy, tacky, and pathetic, but I'm a girl... and despite myself, I like it.

2) I will always be up for a sports movie or chickflick. Yes, they have become perhaps the most repetative genres in all moviedom, and are often outdone in corny lines by the action genre, but I like them. Nothing will make a girl swoon more than a chickflick, and there's not a genre out there that makes you feel like you can take on the world more than a good sports movie.

3) I will always kick myself for keeping things going with certain people (think petty arguments with roommates and siblings) when I know I should just let them think whatever they want and let the rest of the world continue in its revolutions.

4) I will always be a little bitter towards people that can play any instrument (particularly piano, and including voice) amazingly well but don't really like to; and a little bit sorry for those who have the desire, and perhaps the potential, but not the means.

5) I will always love late afternoon more than any other time of day. Although the wee hours of the morning, before anyone else is up, are pretty great too.

6) I will always love languages, and work to learn all the ones I want to speak.

7) I will always miss the water when I can't be near it.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Macromolecules! YES!

So, Angela and Lavenia are both in my ward... Ang is actually my roommate, so yeah. They are also both in my Biology Lab. And so, naturally, we're all partners! Woohoo! I just thought you all should see some of the very impressive and difficult work we do in the class. It's very cutting-edge. Lavenia, boiling corn syrup with Benedict solution. (Results: Corn syrup tests positive for simple carbohydrates. Bet ya didn't know how to find that did ya!?)

Angela with this year's model of test tubes and holder! An exciting new product from Vintage Science Materials Inc.

I was trying to determine whether Unknown C was apple juice or cranberry. Not that it mattered, but knowing if it was a juice or not would help us decide what test to do on it, so that we wouldn't have to do so many. I'd have to say cranberry.

In the words of Bill Nye,
"Now you know!"

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Stay at LAX - Installment 2: Entertainment

So, I'm sitting there leaning against a column, just beginning to flip through a Vogue. There are a couple of guys sitting on some chairs just on the other side of the little wall I was seated on. I didn't mean to overhear, but we've gone through this before, I really can't help it.

"Wow... that should not be done. No one should ever do that. I mean, come on, trying to dressdown a three-piece suit with a baseball cap?" I lifted my eyes towards the totally-oblivious offender of fashion, and smiled just a little. The man was right. It just didn't work. I mean, I completely understand wanting to dress comfortably while traveling (believe me, no one knows it better) but if you're going to dress up anyway, a baseball cap is not going to do much to add to your comfort.

I lowered my eyes again, only to be inadvertently interrupted a second time.

"And what's with this girl? I mean, leggings? That thing really needs to go back out of style." I sniggered. It was something I strongly agreed with, but more than that was the fact that here were two entirely straight-sounding guys going to town critiquing these peoples outfits. They noticed my little chuckle.

"Oh, don't mind us," said the one that was doing most of the talking.
I looked up at them. "No, no. In fact, it will probably make my wait much more entertaining!" They both smiled and we fell into a conversation. It didn't last very long because a few minutes later another employee (I assume they were all in security or something like that) came over to me.

"I'm just going to warn you," he said, "this may not be a very safe place to sit."
"Why? Because of these two? Oh no, it's an excellent place to sit." I talked with the new-comer for a minute and then he wished me a good flight and moved on. The three of us went back to critiquing outfits. It was like Mr. Blackwell's list. Really they should just quite that job, and start their own fashion column. Everyone would read them. I mean, there are just so many people out there with such horrible, horrible taste, I really don't get what they were thinking.

Finally we got each other's names. Mallory, oh, that's cool. Paul, nice, very nice. And Everett, who, if you ask Paul, spells his name, 3v3r$. They were both way nice, and really helped me pass the time a lot faster. They did have to leave for a while, but at least now I had a good idea of what to do to keep myself busy.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Stay at LAX - Installment 1: EGO BOOST!

"I hate this airport so much," I mumble to myself at I stand in line for my baggage. Mainly I hate it because it's just so big, and also because when you enter the United States you have to reclaim your luggage and then send it through again, and it just so happens that LAX was the airport I had to do it in. It's just such a hassle. (Hello! The bags have been totally separate from anyone on the plane, what am I going to do with them? In fact, it's probably safer to just send them straight on through to wherever the people are going. Less contact = less of a chance for anyone to plant a bomb on one of them.) But, I think to myself, maybe I'll learn to love it. After all, I have a whole FOUR hours to get to know it.

After going through the whole pointless bag thing, I head outside to catch a tram to Terminal 5. Once inside, I decided to do one of my favorite airport activities - window shop like I really have the money. After checking out Hermes and Chanel, I go into a DFS. Inside are possibly the three most beautiful boys I have ever seen. I'm talking visual royalty! None of them were very old - between 18 and 20 I'd say. All had the dark features of a Spaniard, and were dressed in matching, navy blue suits. (No, they were not pilots.) I'm just walking around doing my thing, when I notice one of them has been watching me for the past ten minutes. I smile at him, and then just keep moving around looking at different things I'm not even considering buying. I come around a desk and notice that now all three of them are watching me, but the other two are not as intent as the first. It seems to be one of those, "Look at her!" moments we're all so fond of. (Maybe I haven't told you this, but I'm obviously a pretty big deal to those Europeans.) I smile again, and turn away to look at a scarf. Finally I leave the store, the one guy watching me as I go. Once I'm out and even down the hall a couple steps, I look back through the window. Sure enough, there he is. He raises a hand and waves. I smile and slightly nod.

That's not all of it either. About 15 minutes later the boys walk by while I'm seated on a wall, leaning against a pillar talking to Paul and Everett (don't worry, there's definitely more about those two later on) and the one nods to me. I nod back. Again, later, he walks by - same sequince. Finally, one of his friends pulls him up to me and they both blurt out, "Can you speak Spanish?" I appoligized and said no. The friend said, "Okay," and walked away holding the other's arm.

SPANISH?! Good grief! Why couldn't they be Ukrainian, or Russian, or something?! A kid that is infatuated with me before he even meets me, and he had to speak SPANISH! Ah well, I guess I was never meant to be.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Child's Play

Mum left today around 11, taking Ezra, Jacob, and Sam with her to get hair cuts at the ChopChop Chinaman's place before our family pictures this afternoon. A bit later, Alexa was napping, Kait was playing on the computer, and Levi and I were sitting out on the deck when Eden straggled out and plopped herself down uselessly in a chair.

Ezra winning a round of RedLight-GreenLight.

"There's nufin' to do," she complained. It has been beautiful all day, and I felt bad that the kids had been sitting on their butts watching movies or playing computer all day - or week I guess would be more acurate - so I suggested that we eat lunch and then I would teach Kait and Ede how to play some games I always played as a kid.

Eden winning a round of Mother, May I...

After tuna sandwiches and molasses cookies, Mum drove up the hill. The boys all popped out and Sam and Jake started primping for the pictures. I told Ez we girls were going to go play some games in the driveway. I moved the car and took a chair from the deck and put it at the head of the driveway. I dragged a hose across so that we'd have a finish line and finally began to explain the rules to RedLight-GreenLight.

Kaitlyn following instructions for Mother, May I...

As a kid, I remember always playing games of "RedLight-GreenLight" and "Mother, May I" at grammies houses. We played multiple rounds of each of these games, along with a few others, and topped it all off with a race between the little kids. I was a little surprised at how many times they asked to repeat the games. We played for about 30 minutes or so, then headed in to get ready for pictures.
Kaitlyn pinning Ezra in a free-for-all. Their idea, not mine.