Monday, July 25, 2005

Feliz Navidad... and all that jazz


Yep, that's what I said: Christmas! YEAH!

So, when you work for the Acadia Corporation, like moi, you get to celebrate Christmas in July. The company really likes to come up with holidays they can celebrate in the summer for their employees... this is a good one. Our dorm-mom, Maisy, breaks out the tree and decorations and we go to work on them. Our downstairs common room has tinsel and lights all around it. Last night we left our shoes outside our doors and Somebody went around and stuffed them with gifts like candy, sprays, postcards, binoculars... and all sorts of stuff like that. We thought it was Maisy that did this but we realized today that it wasn't... but rather somebody else from the office. Hmmmmmm... we all have our suspicions. Maisy got roses, an awesome beach bag and something else... hmmmm... potpourri! That's it.

Anyway... the day isn't even close to over yet, so I'm sure there's more to come. We actually are supposed to have a big Christmas dinner but we had to postpone it until tomorrow night because today there's going to be a big inspection of the housing facilities run by Acadia Corp. done by the Feds. Maisy is freaking out because some of the boys rooms are so bad. She really flipped out at one kid last night, and forced him to sweep and mop his floor. HA! I mean, I like the kid, he's a good friend of mine, but he should have known that she was going to be upset if all you do is pile your junk on your bed and cover it up with a blanket! HAHAHAHA!

The best present I've gotten so far was the chance to call my family and to talk to Renae and Jenny. It was fun talking with you guys on the phone. I really liked listening to Kait and Eden on the phone. Peanut, you're just so dang cute! And Kait, so grown up... but then, you've always been like that. Both of you!

Well, today is my day off... which ROCKS! So, I need to go to Bar Harbor and buy some essentials like laundry detergent chocolate. (I've decided to get all the girls in the dorm chocolate from Ben & Bill's... I'm talking the HUGE filled chocolates. They know nothing! Bwuahahahahahahahaha!) So, I must shower and leave you now. I also need to call Chels! Dang!!! I forgot about that!

This is Mallory Conenr; tune in next time for This Is My Life!! (So Move Out!).

Monday, July 18, 2005

A Lesson Well Learned

In Relief Society today we had a very interesting talk. The lesson was given by Sister Kristen Speranza and was on the importance of temple marriage. Most of the women in the class are single adults, so it was especially important to us.

To begin the lesson, Sister Speranza had us make up a list of traits and attributes a child of God should acquire. The list included humility, peacefulness, love, mercy, strength, integrity, capability, trustworthiness, trust, courage, faith, eternal perspective, virtuous, kindness, et cetera, et cetera. (Basically, Christ-like.)

During the lesson the Relief Society president, Sister Patty Riggs said, "Given that so many of the women in this class are not married, I would kind of like to know how you deal with not being able to find men that are up to this standard we have posted up here."

Now, I know I'm the youngest woman in the class, but I felt inspired to speak. I also feel like I had been prepared to answer the question because I had thought a lot about it over the last couple of weeks and I can promise you that the Spirit has spoken to me about this particular subject. Here's what I said (I've added quite a bit of stuff that makes it a little longer, because there's kind of a story behind the point that I decided to leave out of the Relief Society lesson.) :

Shortly before leaving Saipan I had an interview with the branch president, Del Benson. We talked a little bit about dating people out from under the eye of my parents. He said to me, 'You know Mal, I'm sure you have an idea in your head of the kind of man you would like to marry some day. I just want you to be prepared to marry someone that may not meet everything you have dreamed. Don't marry someone out of your standard, but just remember to be merciful on us men.' I had thought about that for a little while. I did have expectations for Husband to live up to... but until the last couple of weeks, I wasn't quite sure what they were.

Being out here, I met someone I liked very much, and it was very apparent that he liked me. He was not a member so I certainly wasn't going to let it go very far. We hung out a lot together, and the more I got to know him the more I learned two things: (a) he was a very good person, and (b) he was fine being the way that he was.

I thought about that a lot. Fine being the way he was. It seemed like no matter how much we talked he simply accepted the idea that this was his only life and he was going to live it the way he wanted, even if it wasn't the best way he knew. That's when I figured out what exactly I want in Husband. I want him to be a good person that understands his capabilities and limits and strives to overcome the limits. The scripture Timothy 3:5 kept going through my head. "Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof."

Husband needs to be a man who accepts and is striving to increase the power thereof.

For those of you that know here, Sister Speranza's mother, Sister Philips has suffered from a stroke and is in the hospital. If you would pray for her, it would be very much appreciated, I'm sure.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Working in the Restaurant

Well, last week I started training as a waitress. I trained three days, each with different people. First Solomon, who brings in the most money of all the waiters; then Adrienne, whose so sweet and thoughtful, she went through everything for me! Then Tacey, who was really nice and helpful.

Wednesday was my first day of work by myself, which means I get to keep my tips! (When you're training your trainer takes them.) I made just over $100 in sales (including my tips). I kept dropping silverware on the floor when I was clearing the tables for the next course, and I took forever to get back to my first table because I was so busy with the other two. I had two two-tops and two four-tops, but I only had people sitting at the two-tops and one of the four-tops.

Last night, Thursday, went much better. I had "Lover's Lane"; a section of the restaurant semi-secluded from the rest, near the fireplace, with three two-tops and one four-top. I served both the two-tops at the same time and was given a six-top (by pushing a two-top and the four-top together) too. One of the two-tops was seated twice. So, it was much busier, but I didn't forget anyone's meals nor did I drop anything. My friend Emil, whose section was right next to mine, helped me set up my tray-jacks a couple times. It went really well. I made a little over $390 in sales! Like I said, much better!

I love working for the Acadia Corp. They are really a great company. What I love best is their sense of humor. The supervisors are all awesome, my particular favorites are Gabrielle and Joel. (She's actually the dining room manager, so she's a step up from supervisor.) She's great at what she does, and he's really fun. They're both very relaxed... That's what I like the most.

Anyway, back to the sense of humor at the Acadia Corp. So there are signs in the restrooms of the dorms and in the employee restroom at the restaurant. The ones in the dorms say,
"Please flush, Don't rush!"
and the one in the employee restroom (not to mention my personal favorite),
"Here at the Acadia Corp., we aim to please; You aim too, please."
I just wish it was in the actual restrooms and not just the employee restroom. Ahhh, well. What can ya do, right?

Saturday, July 09, 2005

GOD BLESS AMERICA... it's been stuck in my head for weeks now!

I know it's past the Fourth of July, but you can always write about how you feel about your nation in your own journal... and guess what, this is one of my journals!

Okay, so, the Fourth was awesome here in Bar Harbor... then again, when has it not been? MDI can sure put on a show. The night before I spent at the Dalton's house with Chelsea. Anne and Greg weren't there. They had gone down to Portland to spend the Fourth with Greg's family. Logan and Andrew went with them but Steve stayed home. He had work. We stayed up ultra late talking to my parents, making peanut butter cookies (that I forgot to take out of the oven in time and so they were much too baked), and watching an episode of Wildfire that Chelsea had taped. That's her favorite show and she wanted me to see it.

We didn't go to the parade. I wanted to go hiking but it would have just been too much on my knees. (I still haven't gotten to Wal*Mart to get my tablets.) So instead we went on a nice long walk along some of the carriage roads. Those really are an engineering masterpiece. We only had to stop twice so that I could rest. (It's not that my knees hurt so much, it's that I can feel them start to hurt and I want to avoid the real thing at all costs, so I tend to take it easy until I can get my pills. They've slowly been getting worse as time wears on, but I hope to get to Ellsworth on Monday.)

Anyway, I hung out at the dorms until later when Chels picked me up to go to Cadillac with some Polish friends of mine. We stayed until the sunset then we got off that windy, freezing place as soon as possible. (Which turned out to be nice, because we missed the hardcore traffic.)

When we got to Bar Harbor, we parked at our friends' apartment. Chels walked over to Agamont Park with them a little bit after I walked over with my Polish friends. We met up with a ton of our friends from the dorm, but later I split off and hung out with Chels and the single adults from the church. We watched the fireworks and then went back to the apartment to hang out a little bit. It was really fun! We really just hung out. Some of us were in the living room while the rest of us were in the kitchen. Those of us in the kitchen played a really fun game where you just give everyone else in the room choices between two things, and they answer as to which they prefer. It's really just a getting to know you game, but we really had fun with it!

Well, that was my Fourth of July. I hope that all of you had a great Fourth! As great as mine was! I hear that out in Saipan you were having an awesome time! And congrats to Vasu on his first Independence Day!

Loving My Country Every Day -

- Mal

Saturday, July 02, 2005

"Hello, Can I Help You?"

Stupid Questions I Get at Work:

-You have to walk past the restaurant doors to get to the information booth. So I want you to imagine this:
* "Where's the restaurant?"

-The gift shop has two HUGE windows you must be able to see upon entering the building.
* "Where's the gift shop?"

-Popovers - I've been eating them since I was a kid. I didn't realize that nobody outside of Maine (or maybe just MDI) knew what they were. So imagine my shock when I got comments like, "My friend told me about a popup," or "I keep hearing about some kind of fritter," or "Can you tell me exactly what a turnover is?" or my personal favorite: "We're here for Jordan Pond's famous pop tarts!"

-There's one mountain you can drive just about to the peak of here on MDI; it's called Cadillac. It's the highest mountain on the island and has a magnificent view. It is NOT behind the Jordan Pond House.
*"Hi, can I drive up this mountain?"
*"No Ma'am, I'm sorry. The only mountain you can drive up is Cadillac."
*"Oh! There's more than one mountain on back here?"
*"Yes, there are actually the trail heads to four different trails up here. But none of them are Cadillac."
You would have to be blind not to see how mountainous the island is! It took me completely by surprise!

-Here's a good one: "To get to the North Lot you just pull out of the parking lot and go left, drive down the road a little bit until you get to your first left. You can see it from the road. it's just a parking lot, there's nothing else back there. There's a sign that says, 'North Lot' right out by the road." That's it, and I mean, that is a freaking discriptive one! Usually I don't give all the detail unless the people are still unsure. Most people say that they have seen the sign from the road already.
I had told a couple in an SUV how to get to the North Lot, which is the overflow parking area for the Jordan Pond House. Nobody has ever had a problem getting to it, since the instructions are easy. About fifteen minutes later they came back and shouted at me from their car, "There's no parking lot up there! It's a road!" At first it took me a minute to figure out who they were, since I see hundreds (sometimes thousands) of people everyday, and today had been particularly busy. But it eventually kicked in and almost busted up laughing. The best part was they couldn't stop to complain to me, they just kept going with the traffic of the parking lot. It was so funny. They just wanted to come around and say it to me out of spite. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It really made my day. Usually, things are so boring, it'd be kind of fun to have people complain to me!

Okay, well, that was long. I'll write again later.