Friday, March 30, 2007

How to Have an Awesome St. Patrick's Day

Sorry these are so late getting up here. I've been busy - you know, end of the semester stuff. But these are great pictures, so I can't really pass them up. Besides - it's a step-by-step guide to some good ol' Irish fun! (With out the hangover the next day!)
STEP 1: Start with a 3-foot balloon.

STEP 2: Completely cover in paper mache.
STEP 3: It is important here, to spraypaint said balloon with a good shade of green. After it is completely dry, pop what has become big nasty balloon, and fill shell with candy - or at least the bottom portion.

STEP 4: Decorate house with gold streamers and green balloons. Green celephane over the light fixtures is always nice. Make green food - we had a broccoli/celery tray with dip.
STEP 5: Find the loudest costumes you possibly can. "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" pins are encouraged for those of us who are. Giant hats and masks are just so much fun!

STEP 6: Invite a bunch of people you know...

...and some you don't so much.

STEP 7: Play games, dance to Flogging Molly Songs, and bust open the GIANT green ball with a broom handle, while it swings from the second story!

STEP 8: Take lots of pictures to record the rediculousness of the evening!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Bye-Bye Bishopric! We'll miss you!

As I said before, Bishop Carter was released on Sunday. What an amazing guy! He is, in all honesty, the best bishop I have ever had. And that's saying something, 'cause I've lived with one of my bishop's family! And President Erickson is just so cool that everyone loves him. But when it comes to just being a great mentor, friend, and overall bishop, it's hard to beat Craig Carter. Our new bishop, Bishop Walker, I trust will be very good. He's funny, and very nice. But he certainly has some big shoes to fill.

Bishop Carter on the GPS scavanger hunt.

His counselors were both students, but they were way cool! Brother Hollist's son and daughter are so cute! And the Hansens are an awesome couple!

I wish I had a picture of Sister Carter, 'cause she was just as amazing as Bishop. Here are some of the statistics I could remember that Bishop figured over the last 4-1/2 years:

*Sister Carter has made and served about 2000 bowls of stew to members of the 28th Ward. She has made and served over 8000 scones!

*There have been 116 weddings, 40 of which have been between two people that atually met while they were both in the 28th Ward.

*Hundreds of missioaries that have either started their paperwork or finished it while attending the 28th Ward.

*The ward has been elk bugling 4 times. (Once every fall.)

*2 barns have been painted red.

And allow me to make a guess and say that Bishop Carter and his wife have been invited over to for dinner by someone in the 28th Ward once - twice if you count this coming Sunday. And have been heartattacked once - maybe more, but I'm only aware of once. They're some pretty awesome people. We're all going to miss them.

Me, Katie, Bishop Carter, and Ang. Bishop personally comes around to each of the apartements a couple of times a semester to deliver things, like Ensigns, or to encourage us to keep the promise we make to participate in the Ward Project we have every semester. In this picture, he was bringing around the ward picture and a Christmas letter, and of course, candy, as he always does.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Balloons, Barmaids, and Bishop

Here's a pic of me and the girls setting up for the Bishop's farewell dinner. We're gonna miss him so much. Next week is his last. I have a pic of him somewhere, but I'll have to put it up later. Sorry it's not the best pic. It had to be taken a little far away 'cause of the balloons. And yes, that big blue one is three feet in diameter. That's what you get when you put Ang in charge of decor! Ha! I love it! The best part though was when Ang, Felicia, Katie and I were running the drinks. We would randomly call out "Oopa!" and in the back of the room, we'd hear the guys table respond the same. (I didn't know it was them and they didn't know it was us, until Jym and I figured it out afterwards.) I, being in charge of the ice and taking orders, would shout it out. And if anyone said, "Oh, I don't care, just anything" I'd shout, "Suicide!" and the girls would proceed to pour every drink on the end of the table into the red plastic cup. Bishop was working next to me serving potato salad. He would crack up every time I'd say something rediculous. His favorite was probably when Jordan asked if we had "a fine merlot." I told him we were entirely out, but (in my hunched-over, British winebibber impression) responded that we did have "an exceptionally excellent zinfandel."

Here's another one. (L-R) Katie, Ang, me. You can kind of see my haircut there. It's about the same length as the last time I cut it. (That was in November, maybe December. It had grown out a lot!)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How to Make a Proper Fluffanutter

Pay close attention. This is a New England classic, and can sometimes be hard to master. I have been doing it for a good 15 years or so, so maybe I can teach you amies something.
Have everything you need handy. Bread, peanut butter, fluff, and a good butterknife.
Use the butterknife to scoop out a good amount of peanut butter. (It is important to do peanut butter first so that the fluff has swirls of peanut butter in it rather than the peanut butter having swirls of fluff - that's just grody.) Spread the peanut butter over the first peace of bread until it reaches the inside edges of the crust.

Repeat the first step - you know, the one with the peanut butter - using fluff. It is encouraged that a larger quantity of fluff be used. Fluff, being entirely made of sugar, has a lighter taste than peanut butter, and you need quite a bit to equalize the tastes. Also, using more fluff will help to keep the bread from tearing, and no one likes torn bread.

Oh no! Fluff is all over my knife! Whatever will I do?! Well folks, there's only one thing to do ...

Of course, why would anyone think differently?!

Ahhh yes, the beauty of it all!
(Take that Lindsey!)