Friday, August 05, 2005

"The Dark, Sacred Night"

This is cool! A couple of nights ago four of us went to Sand Beach. (It's a natural beach of sand and the only one on the island. I mean, like real sand, not sand-and-rocks like the rest of them.) Anyway, yeah, so we had just gotten back from Batman Begins (good movie) and I noticed how starry it was. When I came inside I suggested that we go outside and look at the stars, but it was too bright near the dorm so Kyle suggested that we all get in her car and we'd go to Sand Beach. It was Kyle, Paulina, Emil, and me. When we got there Kyle said the first thing we had to do was put our feet in the water. I said she was nuts and kept my boots on. There was no way I was putting my feet in that chilly Atlantic water and then laying on the beach to allow the cold sea breeze to freeze them solid. (In fact Kyle was the only one who did.)

Anyway, so when Kyle was running up to the shoreline we heard her shout, "The phosphorus is out!" So we all ran up (with our shoes on) and witnessed one of the coolest things God put on the earth. As the waves peaked and crashed against the sand we could see them light up with little sparks, and they would leave the small chunks of phosphorus on the beach. It was really cool, and really pretty.

In fact, that whole night was really pretty and glittery. Aside from the phosphorus there were two lighthouses we could see blinking off in the distance, mars glowing red above the mountains, the vast Milky Way stretched out across the middle of the sky, and lots of shooting stars. I don't know what it is about Maine, but there has always been tons of shooting stars. Kyle saw the most, but I saw a lot too. Emil only saw 3 I think. At least that's what he says. I don't really know how you miss so many!


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Ground Control said...

Hey Mally,
I was thinking last night of how much I missed you being here. Your Mum had mentioned to me earlier in the day that you had entered another blog and tried to read it to me. I was busy and on the way out the door so I did'nt have time, but while thinking of you I thought I could read your blog and maybe get a little bit of Mally vicariously.
Tonight is the first time I have taken the opportunity to sit down and read your blogs. I have read most of them and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I laughed, I cryed, and I thought of how much I missed you....This is ground control, you'er flying high and straight. Keep it steady, you'er doing fine.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dad. I love you.

ML said...

I see now what I've always suspected: the spelling errors are genetic.