Saturday, August 05, 2006


Moving must be like my hobby. I just seem to be doing it constantly. If I'm not moving, I'm gearing up to do so. Between the time I left home and right now (a total of a year and almost a month) I have moved (entirely) a frightening 8 times. That's not including the stops in between which were often long enough for me to have to use my suitcases, not just an over-night bag. It's been horrendous, but hopefully things will start to slow down as the years go by. (I'm counting on it, actually. I can't live like this for too much longer.)

Anyway, my 9th move is underway. I'm moving in with a friends' family. She and I went to middle school together and have kept in contact off and on ever since. We still regard each other (as many of my long-lost friends do) as good buddies. She's not living here right now, but rather, up near her internship. (She's a biology major. There's a lab on island and I guess they have some housing nearby.) Her family has taken me under their wing. Her mum and dad are great, as are her brother and two little sisters. Julia, the youngest, is just about Eden's age. In fact, her birthday comes up in a few days if I remember right.

I have spent the past two nights here, this will be my third, but I still have quite a few things over at the dorms. It's only about a mile away, but it's still a big change. First of all, no drunks in the middle of the night. Secondly, I have wireless, free laundry, free food, and free rent! It's fantastic! My old pod-mate, Dawn, was like, "Well, living in the dorms isn't that bad. I mean, $93 a week and we get quite a bit." I'm like, "Dawn $93 bucks a week, and I get a bed, closet, one meal a day (I pay for more, but I'm working during the other two meals), one computer with the slowest dialup I can ever remember enduring, and a perpetually disgruntled dorm mom, who means well, but complains a lot." Yeah... I think I'm getting the better end of the deal here.

So, yes. My new home, in the quiet, and somewhat familiar town of Seal Harbor. What a sweet thing it is! Beautiful! (The house too, not just the town. I mean, it's really stunning.) Besides, they have a piano. What more could I ask for!? (Not much.)

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Aunite Lee said...

Moving is part of being a student. I know it can be frustrating but enjoy it while you can. By moving around so much you are learning what is important and what not. It is a time of your life you will remember with fondness.