Tuesday, October 03, 2006

1986 - the new George Orwell Classic

Hey! Okay folks, this is my birthday message from me, a couple days after my birthday. This past year has been a good one. Hard, fun, crazy, different, long and short, all rolled into one sweet little package I like to call "19." It was awesome. My roomie totally surprised me with decorations when I woke up and a gift! (She planned ahead. She actually thought of me over the summer while she was back home in Georgia and bought my gift there, and brought it with her to Idaho! Crazy!) Even though there weren't a lot of people here, it being Conference weekend, I was really glad I could spend my birthday with Josh and Angela. They are awesome, and I can't think of any other two people I would rather spend it with - that I could find in Idaho at least.

Happy birthday to Paul - who, if he could, would spell his name Pahl - he just turned 22 on the first. And of course to my dear friend, Julie (of the Andrews variety) who, even though she's a bit ahead of me in years, is still a classie-lassie!

Well, I've got a bunch of homework to get done before I head off to lunch and then to no-Pyccku. (That's using cyrillic characters by the way, so it's not pronounced the way it's spelled.) It's been a pleasure catching you all up to date on the beginning of my twentieth year!


ML said...

YOU know JULIE ANDREWS??!!! Wwwowww!!!

Auntie Lee said...

I hope you had a GREAT birthday. Cool that you spelled it in cyrillic. Have you tried phonetic alphebet yet? All the language students here now spell their names that way for a lauph. Don't know if you can do that on just any computer though but its fun.
At the moment we are learning Old English so last week they were trying to figure out their names in that. Goofballs!

kyledawn said...


p.s. you need to add me to your facebook. and answer my email. love you!

ave said...

I met Johnny boy 3 weeks after I turned 20. Sigh. Those were fun times. Watch out, the same type of thing could happen to you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mal!!!

Mallory said...

Thanks everyone! Sorry it took so long for me to answer. My internet hasn't worked since I moved in - which, by the way, is really frustrating. And since the school library blocks certain sites I have to actually go out and LOOK for a computer to work all my sites on. Curtis fixed it though! YE-YEAH! So, thank you all, again, and... yeah. Okay, later.