Sunday, June 03, 2007


Calm down! Nothing weird, just a lower-rib piercing. They are so the thing right now!

Seriously though, today I went with my my closest friends, Melissa, Andrea, Angela, and Josh, to the mall. (Funny story: Josh asked me a few days before if he was allowed to come. I was like, Josh, where else would you be on such an important occasion!? Then when we got there, we were shopping a little bit, and Andrea came out of the dressing room. We all gave our input on her shirt, and then she looked Josh straight in the face and asked, "Do you think my cheeks look puffy?" He slowly turned away and said, "I do think I need some more guy friends." Ha!)

Anyway, here are some pictures!

Picking out studs! (When applied to things other than earrings, it is quite the sport.)

Half-way there! Andrea was pretty impressed, I didn't flinch. What can I say? I'm pretty amazing.

Okay, it just occurred to me that I don't have any pictures of the finished product. They're probably on Angela's camera. But you get the idea.


tay said...

i enjoyed talking to you today! :D

hope your summer is AWESOME! i LOVE the hair! as always you look totally cute and adorable and great! have fun with earrings...they can be quite addicting. haha :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Taylor! It's always a pleasure chatting it up with you!