Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen, here they are, THE CLASS OF 2005!!! (and the crowd goes wild!!!)

It's come! I have waited, and worked, and slacked... I mean, slaved for eighteen hard years to get this, and now it's finally come! MY ICE CREAM GOING-AWAY PARTY!!!!! Oh no, wait... my mother is telling me that that's not the highlight of this week.... just a minute, let me get this cleared up.

Oh!!!!!!! Riiiiight!

So, I graduate tomorrow... YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Yeah, I get to sit in a hard chair tomorrow until my bum goes numb (and then some!) and listen to people I've never met before (like the Commissioner of Education) talk about how proud they are of me (although I've never met them) and then I get to shake their hands. ALRIGHT!

No really, I'm just being difficult... I really am excited to be graduating. Even though it's going to be long, and most of it I wont be listening to because I'm in the middle of an awesome book, I actually decided to wait to leave to the States just so I could walk with my class. It's something I've been looking forward to for four years. It just makes everything seem so -- so done. Like, I've definitely done everything I've needed to. That's such a great feeling.

There are actually a couple of other highlights (besides graduating and MY ICE CREAM GOING-AWAY PARTY!!!!!) this week. First of all, I am singing the National Anthem for graduation with a friend of mine, Laura Bucher. It's something I've dreamed of doing for a couple of years. When Laura came up and asked me if I would do it with her, I was a little surprised, but I'm very glad she did. I hope it turns out alright!

Also, I'm finally finished with my Personal Progress. I receive my medallion in Sacrament Meeting this coming Sabbath. Actually, it's really cool because my friend, Abby Billin from Vermont is receiving hers the same Sabbath. COOL HUH?! Yeah, we're pretty excited.

Well, wish me luck, even though after you read this it will probably already have happened. Most of it at least. But leave a comment anyway! It's always nice to know people read your entries!


Blink said...

Sweet action, you must be stoked. Lol, I need to hear more about this ice-cream going away party. Do they all just throw ice-cream at you and tell you to go away? I'm sure your singing will go great and congrats on completing your Personal Progress.

Good luck with it all. Congwatumalations on what looks to be an awesome week for you. My input would be to take a lot of photos, but I'm a little crazy so you don't need to take that advice. I love taking photos and my room right now is covered in them, plus I'm not sure if you heard about the night I borrowed Renae's camera and took 200+ pictures... so anyways, treasure these precious memories forever. Write it all down in your journal and say a warm goodbye to all your friends.

a man from Saipan said...

Welcome to the world of the gradutes. I will see you in a week.

Saipanese Princess said...

Yay for Mallory!!! She has finished High School and recieves her Ice Cream Pary...I mean diploma! And...she's gonna have an awesome time in the beautiful Island of Hawaii and catch some "Aloha" spirit with some pretty hot guys! I'm so proud that you've completed your Personal Progress, I know that you had a lot of other things going on and it was hard to find time and energy in order to finish it and High School...but you did it and it's on to college...yipee! Have a great time Mal! Love ya!!!

Blink said...

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