Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sorry it

WOW, okay, I know a lot has happened since I last wrote, but it's only because the computer here at the dorm is terrible!

Anyway, yeah. Hawai'i was awesome. It was so much fun to see Justin and Renae and to actually meet Vasu... like, in real life. They are all so much fun to hang out with. And even though I went there to see Renae and Justin, I ended up hanging out with Vasu the most... hmmmmmm. It's a good thing he's a fun guy! THANKS YOU TWO FOR BEING MY GOOD FRIENDS! (I'm just kidding. Really, it was so much fun.)

So, I'm here in Maine. It was a little rainy at first, but it's been beautiful for over a week now. Today it's over 90 degrees on the mainland. I'm taking some of my friends to Bar Harbor and then to Otter Cliffs. My friend Remik has never really seen the ocean, and my friend Chelsea has never seen Otter Cliffs. Since the Cliffs are the best place to view the ocean, I figure it'll be perfect!

Work is going well. I've been working for a week now in the Information department. This week I start serving in the restaurant, or at least I hope so. I'll be serving in the evenings and doing information during the day. It get kind of boring sometimes when not a lot of people are there. But it's just the beginning of the season, so it'll definitely pick up in the next week or so.

It's a pretty easy job. All I do is sit in rustic furniture under the branches of wisteria and honey suckle, or I sit right on the edge of it and soak up the sun, if it's not too, too hot. The questions I get definitely are good story topics. My friends like to ask me what kind of "Stupid tourist questions" I got today. So I tell them over dinner. I have to end now, but in my next blog I will share them with you. They're good for a laugh!


ML said...

Tough duty! Keep writing Mal and I promise I won't correct your spelling...Love, Mom

Blink said...

Lol, oh my gosh. You're alive. I wasn't sure... =P see I'm just as crazy in real life as I am over the net. Glad you enjoyed Hawaii, sorry I took up most of your time there. I'm sorry you missed your flight. Hope work goes well. Check your email. I sent you the pictures from the PCC. And the quotes. And my splurges. And one to check if you were alive or not. I hope I sent it to the right email. And don't worry, I won't correct your spelling either =D. 10 days till I go to the MTC =D. I'm on the mainland in Utah with my sister, just studying up.

Mallory said...

that's excellent vasu! sorry, i don't think i got the emails... i got the pictures, or at least i think i did! (no no, i know i did!) but i don't remember getting any email. that's my main on, but sometimes i check my for some reason, it's harder to check on this computer. (it has thousands of viruses!) oh, and thanks you guys for not correcting my spelling... :P

Blink said...

Lol, I sent it to your hotmail. I think Renae sent the pictures to your gmail. I'll try and retype the quotes. And if you really want I can correct your spelling:
deffinatly = definitely.
Lol, now I sound like my Mum. I guess that's better than sounding like my Dad... well if you get a chance check your hotmail on another computer, or I can log in for you if you send me your password and forward it to your gmail. I'm not trying to be shifty, I'd just prefer not having to retype all of it =P. So basically I'm lazy =).

a man from Saipan said...

You should not come at the end of the semester when it is crunch time next time. I had fun and am very glad you stopped in Hawaii for those days. I hope you keep it up and remember who you are.