Thursday, April 27, 2006

Things You Don't Think About Until You Have To:

1) I don't know of one person that would say the thought of starvation is pleasant. Here at BYU-I, our lives revolve very much around the functional hours of the Galley. I came out of the bathroom once, and they had closed the Galley doors. They were open when I went in, and closed when I came out. I pulled on the knob, realized it was open, walked in and got myself some breakfast... hey, I paid a lot for those unlimited meals, I plan on getting my money's worth. And then there's the possibility of getting there and having all the good food gone and you just have to live off the scraps the other dogs left you. Moral of the story: don't cut your meals close.

2) Toilet paper - we Americans are a blessed people. The entire nation of China lives in uncertainty of if they will have something clean to wipe their bums with tomorrow morning. But we are able to be fairly sure that the longest we will ever go without TP is a few hours, while Mum runs to the store to get some. At least, that's how it is until you wake up one morning and realize that Mum is not there to restock the rolls. The end of the semester is here and everyone refuses to buy more toilet paper. Angela and I have been sharing the last two rolls of her secret stash for the past two weeks. Let's just say, things have been getting pretty thin.

3) It's a good idea to have clean checks in the dorms and apartments. I mean, some people are just naturally clean, but I don't care who you are, living with five other girls, all with busy schedules, makes a constantly clean crib something you hear of, but never witness. Most clean checks are easily passable. It's really just the basics: vacuuming, bathroom, mirrors, windows, clutter... that's about it, and you pass with an excellent. However, at the end of every semester, in every dorm and apartment complex, there is the clean check of all clean checks - "White Glove." Taylor Smith put it well when she said, "That sounds evil." Well Taylor, that's because it is evil. If you just make sure you dust everything, move some furniture around to vacuum under them, detailing things like that, then really it's not that big a deal. But there are those that simply cannot deal with the stress of it and eventually just go into shock.


the p.i.c. said...

Hi, I'm going to add a link to your blog on

Just wanted to let you know

Mallory said...

okay, check it out people.

ML said...

Hey! How do you rate? That's awesome Mal. Have a good trip!

the p.i.c. said...

Hi, I'm that random guy that made the first comment on this post.

I just noticed that you have a link to Selena's blog. I went to college with Selena.

Small world.

ave said...

I remember getting into a fight with my roomate, because she used our toilet paper to blot her FACE dry after she had washed her makeup off. Another roomate of mine used to use toilet paper to wipe off her eye makeup. I would walk into the vanity area seeing her wave a long, billowing trail of white from the floor up to her raccoon eyes. She must have used a half roll a day.

Selena said...

Hey honey! Hope you're not in a state of shock and made your flight to Maine. And hope we can come see you when I get off this ship! (Oh, and just so you know, "the p.i.c" guy is my friend Angleo... he's awesome! He actually was the one who first discovered and told me about your mom's blog!)

Mallory said...

that's awesome! it is a small world.

ash - that sucks! i usually used q-tips on my eyes, but if i ever used t/p it was in miniscule amounts 'cause i knew that the faster we used it, the sooner it'd come to be my turn!

Auntie Lee said...

You know in Young Women's we (and you) learn to always be prepared. I guess that means; Always have a bit of food in your room and a secret stach of toilet paper.
Ofcourse none of you want to know what people did (and still do)before toilet paper.
The irony of your story is that the Chinese invented paper as we know it today.