Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Rhyme and Rhythm

So, I just got the email inviting me to read my poem Rhyme and Rhythm at the Pre-Professional conference coming up next week.  I submitted Rhyme and Rhythm along with two other poems, Insomnia (which is on here somewhere) and Psalm of Resolve - which I wrote in seminary years ago.  Rhyme and Rhythm was written in high school for a class.  I had to create an anthology of 30 poems - ten from the text, ten from outside sources, and ten of my own.  

Rhyme and Rhythm

Poetry from the heart
doesn't have to rhyme.
All it needs is an easy flow,
a little Rhythm to push it along.

But if you're uncomfortable 
With a free-verse ditty,
You can put in a word
To make it quite Witty.

Then again I know some people
who prefer not to rhyme.
They like the beat-nick Feel,
like the pound of a drum.

But others, I know,
Would like it much better
If the poem could Rhyme
With a word or a letter.

-February 5, 2003

Wish me luck!


ML said...

Awesome Mal! Have fun with it!

Calandria said...

neat poem! i like it.

bob said...

i'm shocked! i always knew you could write, but i'm surprised that i like it too! good luck.