Wednesday, March 30, 2005

College Essay

Okay, well, I have a problem. I need to write a college essay so that I can, well, you know, go to college. But the prompt is stupid. I mean, I've read lots of stupid prompts but this one takes the cake! (And that's not fair!) So, here it is:

"Is there anything that sets you apart from other applicants based on experience, education, etc."

How am I supposed to know?! I mean, there are hundreds, if not thousands of new applicants every year! How am I supposed to know what makes me different if I don't know what makes them all the same!? Good grief! (And that's what I'm feeling; grief!) So, if anyone has anything they may be able to contribute to my essay it would be appreciated. Especially those of you that have had to write college essays before, or may have had this prompt before. Thanks a lot!

-A Very Desperate Mallory!

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Calandria said...

That is a tough prompt. I would focus on two different things. You are different in that you have had the opportunity to live in two unique places: Maine and Saipan. I bet whatever school you are applying to will not have any other applicant who has lived in both of those places! You could talk about how living in those places has changed you and your perspective on life, what you've learned about people and culture, etc.

The second thing would be the resposibilities you've had in your family. I don't think there are many young women your age who have helped take care of young children as much as you have. I'm sure that fulfilling these responsibilities have made you a hard worker who isn't afraid to take on challenges.

You could also talk about your unique mix of homeschooling and "regular" school, and what you've learned from both.

Frankly, Mal, now that I think of it this prompt seems like a great one for you! You've had some great opportunities, and you've been very blessed.

Good luck!