Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Animal Farm

Caring for the Steyskal's animals has been fun, tiring, and exasperating. For those of you that don't know, the Steyskal's have a bird named Vinny, he's a cockateil; a cat named Kahla, she's a little calico; and a very, VERY vibrant dog named Sara. I have been asked to care for them while they have been away at Sister Steyskal's father's funeral. They left last Monday, they return this Wednesday.

Vinny is pretty easy to care for. He has plenty of food and water, and I only need to change his bathing bowl when I find floaties in it. (Or worse: sinkers!) Other than that, you just whistle at him every once in a while and he's pretty content.

Kahla (I think that's how you spell it) is adorable. She has very pretty markings, especially on her face. She is extremely funny to watch. She was found by the Villegas' family and was given to Shannon because the Villegas' dogs would have torn her apart. She's very wiley and loves to attack just about anything that moves. (i.e. my feet, my hair when I'm laying down, ants, etc.) Her favorite target: Sara.

Sara is a great dog. She's happy, loving, obedient, and extremely excitable. She plays fetch like no dog I have seen before. For one thing, she brings the ball back! For another, she can play as harder and longer than any dog I've ever seen. When she's busy fetching the ball, Kahla flattens herself against the driveway and waits for Sara to run past. If she's close enough, Kahla attacks. Sara veers away pretty quickly. Sara wants to "play" with Kahla, an idea that Kahla is fine with under one condition: she's in god-mode and Sara is a peon.

The only thing with Sara is that she's a wimp. As soon as any stranger walks up to her, she cowers to the floor and pees all over it. It takes a good game of fetch before she realizes you just want to play. Also, she hates being alone and thus forces me to spend the nights at the Steyskal's house. Otherwise she tares the place apart. What a mess I've had to clean up twice!

Anyway, that's all I really have to say. Just thought I might as well talk about it since it's taking up a big chunk of my time. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem taking care of them. It's fun. I just mean, you know, I felt like writing something in my blog and since there was nothing of interest to most of you, I just thought you may want to know what I've been up to for the past week. After all, that is what this blog is here for; those of you that are interested in me. Remember? Good! HAHAHAHAHA! Okay, I'm really tired, and it's showing through in the blog. Good night!


Blink said...

Sounds really cool, I wish I could have had pets growing up, but my sisters had asthma so we were never allowed to. I would have loved a dog so much. We had a goldfish once, I think it's name was Goldie (we were very creative young children... really we were, but stupid enough to let our 7 year old sister [she's 18 now] name it). We wanted to have a burial for it when it died, we picked out a place and everything, but I think in the end my Dad flushed it down the toilet. Come to think of it, that's not a very romantic way to die...

Saipanese Princess said...

Hey Mal...its Nae. Sounds like your having a fun time with Sara. I thinks that's awesome that the cat tries to "play" aka "attack" Sara. Hope it all goes well for you! Love ya...buh-bye!

Saipanese Princess said...

Hey...guess what....I just got a blog too. The address is: saipaneseprincess.blogspot.com. Hope everything is well for you and can't wait to see you!