Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Okay, I promised some really good outfits. And here they are!

Outfit #1: My friend Elle wore all black in order to balance out her date (and new boyfriend) Bryan's completely white ensemble. Bryan's outfit was awesome! It was simple, but cool. It consisted of new white sneakers, white tux-pants, and a white shirt. Over his white shirt, he wore the rest of the tux, which of course was the jacket. Here's the "coolness" of his outfit: his jacket had tails! It was awesome! I actually got a picture of it that I will put on here as soon as Elle sends it to me. (I took it, but it was her camera. She's in the shot.)

Outfit #2: Here are a couple of pimped outfits that I find very awesome-funny and thus, important to mention. There are two Samoan guys at my school, I think they're cousins. Their names are Luka and Mika. They dressed to match their dates' dresses. (Mika blue, Luka red.) Their overcoats where over-sized and their pants were pretty baggy, but they were made that way. Actually, I think they must have baught the outfits all as parts of the same suit! That's the only way it could have happened! Then, they each had huge top-hats. You know, the kind that are way big. And to top it all off, they each carried a cane, and each cane was topped with a 'ginmorous faux jewel! It was priceless!

Outfit #3: Ahh! Revenge can be so sweet! There's this girl at school that kind of has an attitude. She's often carried it out on me when we played basketball together. (She quit. Coach wouldn't play her because she didn't show up to practice. That made her mad, so she quit. That kind of attitude.) She's half-American and lived in Texas before she came here. Anyway, the day of prom, Elle calls me up and says, " I just got back from the salon. You know ________? She was in there with me. She says she designed her own dress. She got her hair, makeup, a pedicure, and a manicure done all at the same time! She must have been in there forever!" Now, designing your own dress is one thing, but this wasn't really a dress. She arrives to prom wearing something that would take you back... to the 1800's. She was in an extremely short, white dress that had sequines or faux jewelery or something like that on the... hmmm... searching for the right word... some people call it a bodice, but I think it would have to cover more than it did to fall under that category. The bottom reached a little (very little) past her bum, not counting the tassles. Yes... tassles. The very word makes me cringe with horror! The girl was wearing TASSLES on the bottom of her dress. If she only had a pair of fishnet stockings she could have showcased as a dancer in a shifty, 19th century saloon! And the hair! THE HAIR! It was piled perilously in top of her head and lightened about 5 shades. *Wince* It was very funny to see her come into the bathroom and exclaim (explicits replaced), "HOLY CRAP! I didn't know I was lookin' like this! I got some kind o' Tina Turner thang goin' on here! I mean, it looked good in the salon, but now it's gone all freaky on me!" Now, if I had said what I was really thinking, it would have gone somehting like this: Honey, there was no place or time in this world that THAT looked good. Instead I said, "It's probably just the humidity." She agreed. I laughed very hard with friends and family afterward.

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Sounds like you had a lot of fun, that's awesome.