Saturday, July 02, 2005

"Hello, Can I Help You?"

Stupid Questions I Get at Work:

-You have to walk past the restaurant doors to get to the information booth. So I want you to imagine this:
* "Where's the restaurant?"

-The gift shop has two HUGE windows you must be able to see upon entering the building.
* "Where's the gift shop?"

-Popovers - I've been eating them since I was a kid. I didn't realize that nobody outside of Maine (or maybe just MDI) knew what they were. So imagine my shock when I got comments like, "My friend told me about a popup," or "I keep hearing about some kind of fritter," or "Can you tell me exactly what a turnover is?" or my personal favorite: "We're here for Jordan Pond's famous pop tarts!"

-There's one mountain you can drive just about to the peak of here on MDI; it's called Cadillac. It's the highest mountain on the island and has a magnificent view. It is NOT behind the Jordan Pond House.
*"Hi, can I drive up this mountain?"
*"No Ma'am, I'm sorry. The only mountain you can drive up is Cadillac."
*"Oh! There's more than one mountain on back here?"
*"Yes, there are actually the trail heads to four different trails up here. But none of them are Cadillac."
You would have to be blind not to see how mountainous the island is! It took me completely by surprise!

-Here's a good one: "To get to the North Lot you just pull out of the parking lot and go left, drive down the road a little bit until you get to your first left. You can see it from the road. it's just a parking lot, there's nothing else back there. There's a sign that says, 'North Lot' right out by the road." That's it, and I mean, that is a freaking discriptive one! Usually I don't give all the detail unless the people are still unsure. Most people say that they have seen the sign from the road already.
I had told a couple in an SUV how to get to the North Lot, which is the overflow parking area for the Jordan Pond House. Nobody has ever had a problem getting to it, since the instructions are easy. About fifteen minutes later they came back and shouted at me from their car, "There's no parking lot up there! It's a road!" At first it took me a minute to figure out who they were, since I see hundreds (sometimes thousands) of people everyday, and today had been particularly busy. But it eventually kicked in and almost busted up laughing. The best part was they couldn't stop to complain to me, they just kept going with the traffic of the parking lot. It was so funny. They just wanted to come around and say it to me out of spite. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It really made my day. Usually, things are so boring, it'd be kind of fun to have people complain to me!

Okay, well, that was long. I'll write again later.


ML said...

Thank goodness I never ask stupid questions or make dumb comments...hey, where's the ice?

Blink said...

It made your day to have people complain to you. You are one strange girl. A glutton for punishment my Mum would say. Anything to break the monotony, I guess.

The funniest comment I ever got while working was at the Cookie Man (my first job, my uncle owned it, and my Dad forced me to work there). An American couple walks up and the lady asked for some cookies, her husband turns to her and says, "we're in Australia, it's called biscuits or something here". She takes a step back, points at the sign and reads out slowly and deliberately, "COOKIE Man", ending with a smug look. I cracked up.

Dang American companies taking over Australia. Lol, they're usually way better though. God Bless America. Independence Day was fun. Hope you're enjoying Maine.

Anonymous said...

great comments! hey, mum, did you get rid of petty points, cause it's not comming up!

Auntie said...

I know what you mean about strange comments and people. When I worked at Block Island, RI there was a woman who climbed into my store window and started to take apart my display. I said,"Excuse me may I help you with something?" She said that she wanted the t-shirt that was there and was just helping herself. I asked her to get down and showed her to the door. She was angry at Me! Can you believe it? I asked her if she would just climb into the window at Macy's and start taking it apart. She said, no but that a large store was different than a small one.
I dissagree.
Hang in there with those torrists Mal. They can be strange.