Friday, July 15, 2005

Working in the Restaurant

Well, last week I started training as a waitress. I trained three days, each with different people. First Solomon, who brings in the most money of all the waiters; then Adrienne, whose so sweet and thoughtful, she went through everything for me! Then Tacey, who was really nice and helpful.

Wednesday was my first day of work by myself, which means I get to keep my tips! (When you're training your trainer takes them.) I made just over $100 in sales (including my tips). I kept dropping silverware on the floor when I was clearing the tables for the next course, and I took forever to get back to my first table because I was so busy with the other two. I had two two-tops and two four-tops, but I only had people sitting at the two-tops and one of the four-tops.

Last night, Thursday, went much better. I had "Lover's Lane"; a section of the restaurant semi-secluded from the rest, near the fireplace, with three two-tops and one four-top. I served both the two-tops at the same time and was given a six-top (by pushing a two-top and the four-top together) too. One of the two-tops was seated twice. So, it was much busier, but I didn't forget anyone's meals nor did I drop anything. My friend Emil, whose section was right next to mine, helped me set up my tray-jacks a couple times. It went really well. I made a little over $390 in sales! Like I said, much better!

I love working for the Acadia Corp. They are really a great company. What I love best is their sense of humor. The supervisors are all awesome, my particular favorites are Gabrielle and Joel. (She's actually the dining room manager, so she's a step up from supervisor.) She's great at what she does, and he's really fun. They're both very relaxed... That's what I like the most.

Anyway, back to the sense of humor at the Acadia Corp. So there are signs in the restrooms of the dorms and in the employee restroom at the restaurant. The ones in the dorms say,
"Please flush, Don't rush!"
and the one in the employee restroom (not to mention my personal favorite),
"Here at the Acadia Corp., we aim to please; You aim too, please."
I just wish it was in the actual restrooms and not just the employee restroom. Ahhh, well. What can ya do, right?

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Calandria said...

Sounds like things are going well for you, Mal. And I'll bet you're the cutest server!