Monday, July 25, 2005

Feliz Navidad... and all that jazz


Yep, that's what I said: Christmas! YEAH!

So, when you work for the Acadia Corporation, like moi, you get to celebrate Christmas in July. The company really likes to come up with holidays they can celebrate in the summer for their employees... this is a good one. Our dorm-mom, Maisy, breaks out the tree and decorations and we go to work on them. Our downstairs common room has tinsel and lights all around it. Last night we left our shoes outside our doors and Somebody went around and stuffed them with gifts like candy, sprays, postcards, binoculars... and all sorts of stuff like that. We thought it was Maisy that did this but we realized today that it wasn't... but rather somebody else from the office. Hmmmmmm... we all have our suspicions. Maisy got roses, an awesome beach bag and something else... hmmmm... potpourri! That's it.

Anyway... the day isn't even close to over yet, so I'm sure there's more to come. We actually are supposed to have a big Christmas dinner but we had to postpone it until tomorrow night because today there's going to be a big inspection of the housing facilities run by Acadia Corp. done by the Feds. Maisy is freaking out because some of the boys rooms are so bad. She really flipped out at one kid last night, and forced him to sweep and mop his floor. HA! I mean, I like the kid, he's a good friend of mine, but he should have known that she was going to be upset if all you do is pile your junk on your bed and cover it up with a blanket! HAHAHAHA!

The best present I've gotten so far was the chance to call my family and to talk to Renae and Jenny. It was fun talking with you guys on the phone. I really liked listening to Kait and Eden on the phone. Peanut, you're just so dang cute! And Kait, so grown up... but then, you've always been like that. Both of you!

Well, today is my day off... which ROCKS! So, I need to go to Bar Harbor and buy some essentials like laundry detergent chocolate. (I've decided to get all the girls in the dorm chocolate from Ben & Bill's... I'm talking the HUGE filled chocolates. They know nothing! Bwuahahahahahahahaha!) So, I must shower and leave you now. I also need to call Chels! Dang!!! I forgot about that!

This is Mallory Conenr; tune in next time for This Is My Life!! (So Move Out!).


a man from Saipan said...

Happy Easter then too. If all you Mainers want to mess up the holidays then we can too.

It is kind of nice to be working at a real job isn't it? It gives you confidence and self respect.

Anonymous said...

justin, in case you haven't notice, lack of self confidence is the least of my worries.

Anonymous said...

but thanks for being so nice. ;)

Saipanese Princess said...

Hi Mal!!! Jen and I had fun talking to you...but Christmas in July? I wish I could do that with my Birthday....oh, wait...never mind! Give me your phone # sometime so I can call you...keep up your high spirits...and don't listen to anything Justin says!!