Tuesday, September 06, 2005


The following was given to me as an end-of-the-season present by Roger Keene, a bus driver for one of the tour bus companies in The Park. I think he prints them out and gives them to his clients that ride the buses. He's a wicked nice guy and really funny. He stops by the Pond House twice a day as part of his tour and lets his people look around the gift shop. He sells more Old Soaker rootbeer than any man alive! Anyway, here we go:
Learn to Talk Like You are a
Buddah - You melt it for you lobstah or corm on the cob.
Hannis - Gear put on a hoss to help it haul something
Heft - To lift. You can also heft down.
Hitch - An instruction to move; i.e. Your butt is too big for this couch, Honey, so hitch over.
Hoss - An animal you can ride.
Khakis - A small tool used to start an automobile.
Lobstah - A sea crustacean which is good for eating.
Messah - A unit of measurement; i.e. a messah clams.
Mite - Much or many, or perhaps just a few.
Peaked - Poor looking.
Pond - Can be a five mile long lake or a 20 foot puddle. Mainers don't really care.
Pound - A place where lobsters are stored. Where stray dogs are kept. A measurement.
Reach - Water between hungs of land. What you do when the muffins might get by you.
Rud - Highway, or byway.
Salty - Someone who has worked on a fishing boat more than 15 years. What dried fish is.
Shuck - To divest corn or clams of their shells. You "shuck" to make chowdah!
Spleeny - Milktoast type. Coward. Applied mostly to husbands.
Sturn - The "donkey end" of a boat, usually square.
Summah - Between spring and fall, usually.
Tunk - To hit; i.e. tunk it a mite.
Yad - Land in front of or around a house.
Yondah - Away from where you are now.

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ML said...

I believe it's "Yoah reah rend is too much foah this couch, deah, so hitch ovah will ya?"