Monday, September 12, 2005

Two Important Things to Say

My friend Kyle has left. She was such an awesome girl. I really am going to miss her. All of us here are. She gave me a sweet gift when she left: a small keepsake with the inscription, "My friend knows the song of my heart, and sings it to me when I can't remember". This is really special to me because last week when our friend Colin was preparing to leave 4 or 5 of us stayed up all night until we drove up to Cadillac Mountain to watch the sunrise. During the night they asked me to sing them songs. We sat around in the common room singing all sorts of songs, some of the others sang too, even Colin! Kyle told me that one of her favorite things in the world was being sung to, and I replied that one of my favorite things to do was to sing to people. That's one thing I really miss about home, I don't get to sing to anyone anymore. I have no Kait, Eden and Ezra to sing to sleep at night. I hope Kyle has made it to Vermont (she's stopping on the way to see Colin) and New Jersey safely. And I hope she has fun at Niagara!

One more thing: "God bless America, for it is His creation." - Gordon B. Hinckley


kyledawn said...

mallory! i heart you so much!!! but hey, don't talk about me like i'm dead ... i still am an awesome girl, just not one in maine! haha, there i go sounding conceited again :S i miss everyone so much! oh, did i tell you that i forwent niagara this time. gas is too expensive and apparently i had a meeting to get back to that i didn't know about! wow ... long comment. love ya honey!

Mallory said...

i know you're not dead! and it's not conceited when you're speaking the truth!!!

Jennifer Villegas said...

Well hey there Mal!
I love your blog! it's always updated(unlike my sisters). We all miss you so much out here on this forsaken and forgotten island. I sent you an e-mail, and I'm not sure if I sent it to the right address.(so if you received it please let me know). we have so much to catch up on, plus i have some really weeeiiirrrrdddd stories to tell and.... of couse some awsesome ones that would have had you in them if you were still here! luv ya and miss ya!
(If you don't rember who Jen is this is Jennifer Villegas from saipan, and if you don't remember who that is, well...I guess I have the wrong blogspot). Well I sure hope that you remmber who I am, because I sure as heck don't feel like explaining who, what, or where I am. Bye bye!

Mallory said...

nope, there's no email from you jen! i want one!!!! :(