Monday, January 02, 2006


My bags have been delivered... finally. I was getting kind of worried there, since I leave Utah to go to Idaho on Tuesday. They were delivered on Saturday morning. The first came at about 1:15 am. Chelsea and I were in bed, but were still awake, talking. The phone rang and the man said he didn't want to leave the bag on the front step all night in the rain. We thanked him, sent Sister Atwood back to bed, and then decided we really needed to get to sleep.

The next time the phone rang I was mostly asleep. It was just about 2 am. I reasoned that the likelihood of it being my other bag was very slim, so I stayed "asleep", until I heard Sister Atwood coming down the stairs. When she opened the bedroom door and told me it was the other guy, I felt really bad that I hadn't answered the phone. I got up, answered the door, and took my second bag in.

Kind of ironic that when my bags finally came, it was the middle of the night. The airports must just pick random people out to harrass. "Oooo! We'll lose her bags then when we give them back, it'll be in the middle of the night! Hahahahahaha!"

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