Tuesday, January 10, 2006

If You Had Magical Powers, What Would They Be?

There are so many different powers to choose from. For example: flying, being radioactive, unmeasurable strength, tons of them! But I think the coolest, ultimate power would be to change form. To be able to change into anybody or anything I wanted to! That would be so awesome!

If I could change into anything, I could do so many things. Good things and bad things. (But of course, I would only do good things.) I could fly like the birds, run like a horse, climb like a monkey, and even swim like an eel. That would be so amazing. To be able to stay under water fo as long as I wanted and look at all the different types of life that people don't even know exist yet. I could make so many discoveries I would be able to add to the civilizations of today. All of the different contributions I could make would be able to fill a room! New truths (not theories, but truths) about the sky, the sea, the depths of the jungles, woods, and mountains.

Yep, that would definitely change the course that science is taking today, for the better!

(Not to mention, I would be the ultimate spy.)

This is a direct translation from Sophomore English with Mr. Fauls at Kagman High School. I just came across a bunch of old journal entries, read through some of them, and decided I should put a couple on my blog. Some are stupid, some are weird, none are profound.

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lisa said...

If i could have any power, i want to be able to hear everyone's thoughts. Now that would be so cool.