Thursday, January 05, 2006

It Would Try the Patience of Job

Life is hard. For me, it's not the "one foul swoop" kind of hard. It's more of the "ooo, let's slowly wear her down until she just wants to shut herself up in her room to avoid anything else that could go wrong!" kind of hard. It's a lot like how I've always imagined Chinese water-torture would feel; just slow and steady until you finally go insane.

You've heard my travel story, right? Let's overcap, so it'll all be in perspective. Real quick, it goes something like this: Messed-up flight, gets more messed up in transit; lost baggage is delivered at 1:15 am, then again at 2:00 am. That's it in a very small nutshell. (Think coconut in pistacio shell.)

The bus trip up to Idaho was fine. Long, but fine. The biggest perk was that it was completely uneventful. Finally.

When we arrived, I went into the Manwaring Center (it was the closest one), and saw that nobody was downstairs. I left my 15, 50, and 60 pound bags down there, and went upstairs to ask for directions. They told me how to get to my dorm, and that I could bring my bags up by the elevator. (I kind of wish I had a camera so I could watch myself try to maneuvor through that little door with those big bags.)

I started up to my dorm, which really isn't that far away, if you know where you're going. Unfortunatly, I didn't, especially at night. I crossed the same parkinglot twice before I realized which side my dorm was on. The first time I went the long way, around the slushy snow in the middle. The second time, I was so tired of doing EVERYTHING the long way, that I just picked up my bags and carried them over the middle one-by-one. I finally got through the door to the common area, with some difficulty, and met the head resident. She set me up with some keys and sent me up to my apartment. The RA helped me carry my bags up the stairs. She showed me around and told me to just pick a room. Two of them were open, the third was already taken, but the girls are away. I haven't met them yet. Picked the back room, and started to unpack. I was up until a little after 12. When that was done, I laid down to rest on my mattress. I couldn't fall asleep until after 6.

I got up at 10 later that morning. (Sure enough, my newly attained allergies had set in over night; I think it happens when I move to a new place. One eye is really itchy and weepy, and my nose runs.) I called the receiving dock about the two packages I'm expecting. They told me I should come take a look since they had no record of them. I walked over there, and sure enough, no boxes for Malie. This means that I have no bedding whatsoever, and no towels. I also have no mode of transportation since my bike still hasn't arrived. That worries me some. It was sent about a month ago. I just keep praying that this will all end sometime... preferrably soon, but I'll take it when it comes. I'm just so tired of fighting things I have so little power over.

I bought my books today. They were quite a bit cheaper than I expected. That was good. Looking at them make me excited for classes to start. Not math really, but everything else looks like it'll be a lot of fun.


Calandria said...

Oh Mal! Hang in there, Sweetie! The good news it can only get better from here...

Mallory said...

True. In fact, there is some good news today: my bedding came!

Calandria said...

See! There ya go!