Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mal's Moments of Madness

So, I've finally started going back to the gym. Good grief, it's taken me long enough! I was amazing at it last Fall, I went at least three times a week with Angela. Then I went to Saipan for Christmas, and when I got back in January, I was down to three times a semester, and the occasional game of basketball. I've been meaning to get back, but it wasn't until last Sunday, when I showed them this ad in a magazine of mine.

"By the end of Fall semester, guys. Fall semester." Kenneth and Anton scoffed, as did Amber and Jamie, but Kyle said,
"Hey, if you can do that by the end of Fall, I'll do handstand push-ups. Those can be our goals."

Typical Kyle answer to something like that. I'm pretty sure he really thinks I can do anything. I mean, I'm fairly certain that I can actually do this - whether or not it's on a Pyrex 2-cup measure, we'll see when the time comes.

The following Monday I thought to myself, it's been a while since I've even attempted a handstand. I guess I should start out with that. Yeah... after four or five tries I finally got my legs up high enough and straight enough, and tight enough so that I was actually in a real handstand. It lasted for about 3 seconds.

This may be a little harder than I thought.

I've been doing handstands in my room every day since. I'm still not holding them much longer than 7 seconds. Not to mention in order to do the pose above I'm going to have to move slowly, which means there going to be some major expectations on just my upper-body strength alone. In all reality, I'll probably have to start in something like a headstand and push up into a handstand from there. (You can mount headstands slower, that's the perk. Con: I've tried it before, even back when I was a gymnast. If I can pull it off, I'll be the next Xena.) However I do it, it'll take some real figuring out and a whole lot of strength.

Anyway, so I decided that the best thing to do would be to start going back to the gym and doing some real workouts, not any of this dilly-dallying I've been doing since January. My arms, shoulders, and back are so sore. I've been running the track too. It'd be kind of nice to get my mile back down to 6 minutes, and I figured I might as well work on that while I'm being rediculous anyways. We can just clump it all in together in what I like to call, "The Fall of Amazing Feats."

Wish me luck.


ML said...

You go girl! BTW, tell your friend that Sam did 28 handstand pushups at Mutual last week. He helped Jake do one, too.(tee-hee-hee!)

Mallory said...

Good grief! The kid is rediculous. Was he straight up and down? Was he against a wall? Why didn't you get pictures?! IS Dad jealous?

Sister C. said...

I don't think it ever occurred to him to use a we didn't get pictures (this is ME you're talking to). It's because of all his breakdancing.

ML said...

Sister C.!! I don't remember ever even doing that! (And yesterday my car doors locked, unlocked, and locked again all by themselves...weeeeird.)

Mallory said...

You're psychotic. Dad, get everyone out of the house.