Monday, August 20, 2007

A Working Wonder

For those of you who don't know, I serve tables for work. I like to serve, actually, I like pretty much anything there is to do in a restaurant... almost anything at least. Serving is fun 'cause I get to do things for people. I like knowing people can rely on me, and with serving, they have no choice, even if I'm tired or just sucky! Haha! It's awesome!

Anyway, so I was serving, and had quite a few tables; it was busy, but not crazy - that's a good thing. When I get into a nice groove where the pace is perfect and everything is just working out beautifully, I can't help but be extra smiley. This wasn't one of those nights, but it wasn't bad. I was having fun, but I did have a couple of anxious tables.

I saw this couple, probably in their 40's, waiting at the pasta bar for a chef to come help them. (It doesn't have to be a chef, anyone can do it, and everyone knows how.) I saw them standing there for quite some time and as I walked by with some dishes, I promised I'd be back in a moment to help them. A second later I was there getting their pastas. The next time I went to my section I saw them at one of my tables. I didn't know anyone had been seated there. I felt bad. Sometimes when things start to get busy, the hostess will seat them and tell them to get started if they are getting the buffet and then forget to let the server know. (The server will find out anyway 'cause she's running to her section all the time, but the hostess will let us know if she has the time.) I thought that perhaps they had been there a long time and just got tired of waiting. I had a table right next to them that was fairly needy - which, by the way, is really annoying. If the server asks if they can get anything for you, let them know EVERYTHING you can think of all at once so that they can just get it in one foul swoop and stop running back and forth. That just wastes their time! *Heaving a sigh*

Anyway, I gave this table as much attention as I could, and it actually turned out to be just fine. The needy table left and so I could get the other tables everything they needed and wanted without delay. I must have turned out to be pretty good, 'cause the man from that couple left me a 30% tip and wrote on the bill, "You had shiny eyes!" Sweetest thing I've heard all summer. Course, the money doesn't hurt.


Calandria said...

yeah, i've heard that mormons are not great tippers. sounds like you're having fun!

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know about mormons, but college towns tend to be full of really young mostly poor people and really old tight-wads. It's amazing I do as well in tips as I do.