Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tuck's Pups?

Since I've lived with Melissa L. back in Maine in '05, I've wanted to own my own dog. Even if it was just a little one like hers. Unfortunately you can't own one in any BYU-I approved housing.

Today I was heading towards the mailboxes when I noticed this little guy walking around near the back building. At first I thouhgt it was a cat, which I wouldn't have been so worried about. (I like cats and all, but they seem more able to live on their own as strays that pups are, so I worry about them less. Besides, they almost seem to like it.) When I got closer I realized it was a puppy. Not just any puppy though, it was a black lab/hound mix. Labs have a special place in my heart. First of all, they're the cutest. Don't try to argue, lovers of other breeds. There's not chance you'll change my mind. But also, the first dog my family ever owned (that I can remember) was Tucker, a little black lab mutt, whose pure-bred mum got out and so the pups were too tarnished to sell for a high price. Tuck was the sweetest dog you'd have ever met!
I called to the pup, and he toddled on up to me, all friendly. Then Kim came out and ran after another that was headed into the parking lot.
"Are these yours?" I asked.
"No, they're my friend's." Out came another girl and explained that she volunteered at the shelter, and took the triplets out for the morning to play around. She said there was a little girl over by Kim's front door. I had to get some pictures! The boys had marking just like Tuck's, especially Bo.

Top: That's Bo, just hanging out. He was the calmest, but they were all sweet.

Right: I know it looks like I'm modeling, but really I'm just trying to focus on holding Bo right so that you can see his white.

Left: I've got JoLee, that's the girl, Kim's got Rascal, and Bo's just getting up. You can really see the hound in their ears, but they've got big, but the lab comes through in their eyes and their big webbed paws and smooth coats. JoLee had kind of coarse fur, but the boys had beautiful coats.

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MJ said...

You'll get to have a dog one day, Mal. And I'm sure it'll be as cute as Sassy was, though hopefully it will be a little more social than she was.