Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Life as a Seinfeld Parallel

So Angela and I were talking the other day at lunch about how our life here in BYU-I is like something out of Seinfeld. Really... you could just walk around with us for a couple of days video-taping everything we do and you'd have a very funny show primarily about nothing. We could even draw comparisons between all five of us ("us" being the initial group we formed when we first met and became friends) and the characters in the show.

-- Angela and I share the role of Jerry... kind of the ones who're out there in the spotlight. We're the ones who make most of the decisions and whip out the most one-liners.
-- Andrea is Elaine... you could easily picture her saying "Get out!" while shoving the person with both hands. She doesn't want to draw any extra attention to herself, but she's wicked funny and rolls-with-it like no one else. A New Yorker through and through.
-- Amber would be George. She's nice and not selfish like he is, but she can ramble on for minutes and then finally someone will say, "Amb, what are you talking about?!"
-- Emily is most definatly Cramer. First of all, we often call her Fajen, which is her last name. Secondly, she's the neighbor that randomly enters (not uncommonly at uncomfortable moments) and, if there were an audience, would get an applause everytime. Thirdly, and by far most significant, she's ADHD. It is amazing what the outcome is when you combine "Hyperactive" with "Attention Deficit". That "H" makes all the difference! This girl is off the walls!

We have all the little inside jokes, hand signals, and obsessions that are so key to the show. For example, in Angela and Andrea's American Heritage class (which is at 9am), they sit in the same seats everyday. Until one day there was a kid with bright red hair sitting in their place. They now leave at about 8:15 (they really only need to leave at 8:50) in order to beat the kid there. Angela saw him in front of her one day and she actually sped up in order to get in class before him. Oh, and his name is officially "The Red-Haired Kid".

Things like that run ramped through my life right now. It's ridiculous, funny, and in many ways kind of sad... but hey, it makes for a good lunch conversation.

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