Monday, March 27, 2006

Claiming a Title

So, we have some very close friends that live in Biddulph Dormatory. (It's a guy's dorm.) Their names are Stew, Josh, and Chris. They're (for the most part) inseperable. Two of them, Stew and Josh are my brother's from other mothers. Really. Especially Josh. He reminds me soooo much of my cousin Dickon. Not only his personality, but his physique as well.

Anyway, Josh told me and my friend Angela that they have made up some nicknames for us and the rest of our roommates. We were really interested in finding them out. But, Josh says that whatever is said between him and the guys stays there. Boo. He stinks. Eventually though, I thought I had noogied it out of him. He said, "Okay well, I'll only tell you yours and Angela's. We sometimes call you Crazy Russian Girl. Angela we call Crazy Woman." I thought they were a little generic especially for these guys, but hey... whatever, right? So last night Angela was texting to Josh trying to get the name out of him. (He had made me promise not to tell her. But he never said I couldn't encourage her to find out herself!) This had been going on for an hour or so when I decided I would go to bed.

The room was dark except for Amber's book light shining from accross the room. I was still wide awake, but for the moment it was pretty quiet. I was laying on my back with my arms behind my head, when all of a sudden, the door swings wide open and Angela walks in in her pajamas and with her phone. "Super Hotness?" she said. I waited a second, slightly puzzled, and after Amber didn't say anything, I figured, Hey! I might as well claim the name given, right? "Yes?" I replied. Yeah, we had a good laugh about that until Ang explained she was just asking if that was the nickname they gave her. Obviously Josh was sucking up. I replied in the negative and we laughed a little longer.

We found out today that Josh had lied to me so that I would stop asking him. We've decided to make up little names for them in return. Losers. Not fair!

Oh, just as a side note, Chris had lied to us about his roomie, Todd. Andrea and Emily got pictures of him eating egg at breakfast. We confronted Chris about it later, and he was like, "Yeah, actually, it exploded! Now I have to clean it up!" Yuck! It's been in there a week! Blake said the same thing happened in his microwave. Hahahaha.


kyledawn said...

mallory! what did you agree to do?!?!?!

ave said...

It is time for serious revenge. I would suggest the fish under the mattress thing that I told you about in "A Prank Gone Wrong". Make sure you buy a whole fish from the supermarket, complete with bones and eyeballs.

Liza said...

Oh Mallie, you so crazy. Are you coming back to ME for summer??

kyledawn said...

no, eliza, she' coming back to me!!! :D ;)