Monday, March 20, 2006

A Prank Gone Wrong

So yesterday we were allowed in the guy's rooms for a special occasion from 12 to 2. We're only ever allowed in the downstairs lounge usually. It was so funny. Angela and I went after breakfast. Our friend, Glenn loves to eat hardboiled eggs at breakfast, but he leaves the yolks. We took three of them and snuck them into the guys rooms in a napkin in my pocket. In PIP's room we put it under his pillow, then we put on in Chris's microwave, and one in Blake microwave. Just think, when they turn those on, those eggs are gonna stink like there's no tomorrow. PIP's friend layed on his bed and found it right away. We thought it was pretty funny, until at lunch today Chris comes in and says, "Guys, did you hear about what happened to Todd [his roommate] last night? He put a piece of pizza in the microwave and somehow this egg yolk that was in there melted with it and he was rushed to the hospital." Yeah, turns out Todd is allergic to egg. Pretty badly too. Ang and I thought he had found out it was us and was just trying to scare us, but it looks like he's telling the truth. Todd is okay now, and back in the dorms, but man... way to make me feel crappy about that prank. Oh well, at least PIP's and probably Blake's will turn out. But I still feel like an idiot about Todd.

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ave said...

When I was living in Provo some of John's friends snuck or broke into my roomates bedroom and put a fish under her mattress. The nasty thing was there for months. She had even gone to the doctor because she thought she had something wrong with her, because she stunk. When we found the fish we shrieked and swore wicked vengence on those boys. The only reason why the boys did it in the first place was because my roomate said she would kiss both of them, then changed her mind. Oh, what games we all used to play. Are you coming to Maine this summer?