Friday, March 24, 2006

Quoting the Music...

In my Music and the Hummanities with an Emphasis on Jazz - yes that is the full name - I hear the coolest things. Honestly, I didn't realize how many funny and also profound things have been said in there until today. I write them down in the margins of my notes. They're partly from my professor, Brother Dr. Mark Watkins. He's a great teacher, very funny, rather sarcastic. He's probably 6'2" or so, dark hair which he always wears slicked back, and the second thickest glasses I have ever seen in my life. (The first belonged to brother Chris Tenbrink in Maine.) Anyway, yeah, he plays some mean saxophone I'll tell ya!

Most of them though are from a guest speaker we had today that was trying for a possition as the trumpet teacher here in BYU-I. I don't know his name, I'll try to find it out. I'm pretty sure it's a Brother Neilson, so that's what I'll call him for now. Others are from different video clips and such:

**"People are people, they'll do whatever they want to do. We're just looking for the commonalities." - Dr. Watkins. (In a lesson about racism and it's effect on jazz.)
**"We all know what it's like to be tempted by self-pity; and we all know the necessity of picking ourselves back up again." - Bro. Neilson (In a lesson about Miles Davis.)
**"Can we allow people to find their freedom as we pursue our own?" - Bro. Neilson (Lesson about Miles Davis.)
**"The suggestion of the solo [in jazz] is that diversity in unity is not only coherent, but also a dazzling human achievement.... [It] reveals the possibility of delight involved in musical resolutions of intricate tensions, as well as the possibility of a liberated individual presence subtly cooperating with a distinct ensemble." -Kathleen Marie Higgins
**"The man with a real sense of humor is the man who can put himself in the place of the spectator, and laugh at his own misfortunes." - Bert Williams (Comedian)
**"[Jazz] is the aural representation of everything this country stands for." - Bro. Neilson (Lesson about Miles Davis.)
**"First of all, ya can't get over how hard that grooves!" - Bro. Neilson (After listening to a demonstration of a Miles Davis tune. He was right.)


ML said...

My favorite is the one about jazz being the aural representation of everything this country stands for. How true.

Anonymous said...

yeah, that is pretty awesome.