Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Stay at LAX - Installment 2: Entertainment

So, I'm sitting there leaning against a column, just beginning to flip through a Vogue. There are a couple of guys sitting on some chairs just on the other side of the little wall I was seated on. I didn't mean to overhear, but we've gone through this before, I really can't help it.

"Wow... that should not be done. No one should ever do that. I mean, come on, trying to dressdown a three-piece suit with a baseball cap?" I lifted my eyes towards the totally-oblivious offender of fashion, and smiled just a little. The man was right. It just didn't work. I mean, I completely understand wanting to dress comfortably while traveling (believe me, no one knows it better) but if you're going to dress up anyway, a baseball cap is not going to do much to add to your comfort.

I lowered my eyes again, only to be inadvertently interrupted a second time.

"And what's with this girl? I mean, leggings? That thing really needs to go back out of style." I sniggered. It was something I strongly agreed with, but more than that was the fact that here were two entirely straight-sounding guys going to town critiquing these peoples outfits. They noticed my little chuckle.

"Oh, don't mind us," said the one that was doing most of the talking.
I looked up at them. "No, no. In fact, it will probably make my wait much more entertaining!" They both smiled and we fell into a conversation. It didn't last very long because a few minutes later another employee (I assume they were all in security or something like that) came over to me.

"I'm just going to warn you," he said, "this may not be a very safe place to sit."
"Why? Because of these two? Oh no, it's an excellent place to sit." I talked with the new-comer for a minute and then he wished me a good flight and moved on. The three of us went back to critiquing outfits. It was like Mr. Blackwell's list. Really they should just quite that job, and start their own fashion column. Everyone would read them. I mean, there are just so many people out there with such horrible, horrible taste, I really don't get what they were thinking.

Finally we got each other's names. Mallory, oh, that's cool. Paul, nice, very nice. And Everett, who, if you ask Paul, spells his name, 3v3r$. They were both way nice, and really helped me pass the time a lot faster. They did have to leave for a while, but at least now I had a good idea of what to do to keep myself busy.


Calandria said...

sounds like they've been reading the blog "go fug yourself." SO funny. But you didn't hear it from me because it is entirely inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

What? Hear what from you? Okay, sure, whatever.

*wink, wink*

Auntie Lee said...

Are they gay? The only guys I know that talk like that are. Personally I don't really care what people where anymore, especially Americans. In most countries in the world you do not leave the house with sweats and a T or trainers (sneakers) or anything most Americans wear. In general Americans dress down so if any of them make any effort to where anything other than jeans and a flannel shirt than hats off to them I say. By the way, what were the guys wearing?

Anonymous said...

The guys were not gay. And the men in the three-piece suits and baseball caps were asian, not american. The guys were just wearing their uniforms.

Auntie Lee said...