Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Macromolecules! YES!

So, Angela and Lavenia are both in my ward... Ang is actually my roommate, so yeah. They are also both in my Biology Lab. And so, naturally, we're all partners! Woohoo! I just thought you all should see some of the very impressive and difficult work we do in the class. It's very cutting-edge. Lavenia, boiling corn syrup with Benedict solution. (Results: Corn syrup tests positive for simple carbohydrates. Bet ya didn't know how to find that did ya!?)

Angela with this year's model of test tubes and holder! An exciting new product from Vintage Science Materials Inc.

I was trying to determine whether Unknown C was apple juice or cranberry. Not that it mattered, but knowing if it was a juice or not would help us decide what test to do on it, so that we wouldn't have to do so many. I'd have to say cranberry.

In the words of Bill Nye,
"Now you know!"


Calandria said...

this is to prove to your parents that you actually go to class, right?

Mallory said...

Oh no, no, no, I have assured them of that clearly enough in my spectacular grades from last semester! Besides, it could just be the equipment from the druggy's place next door.

ML said...

Right. Druggie. Rexburg. BYU. Right.
BTW--still got the lip thing going on I see :) Love you honey!

Mallory said...

Mum, the lip thing, it's probably gonna keep going for a while, so it's time to move on.

ave said...

I just read the book Roxaboxen, by Alicae McLerran, and thought of you. In fact I went and re-read your post on that. I got a little misty eyed thinking of all you kids playing in the woods, all bit up by mosquitos and black flies, tangly hair and all. You were such sweet children, and still are of course.

Mallory said...

Misty-eyed Ash... awww... that's so sweet.