Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Child's Play

Mum left today around 11, taking Ezra, Jacob, and Sam with her to get hair cuts at the ChopChop Chinaman's place before our family pictures this afternoon. A bit later, Alexa was napping, Kait was playing on the computer, and Levi and I were sitting out on the deck when Eden straggled out and plopped herself down uselessly in a chair.

Ezra winning a round of RedLight-GreenLight.

"There's nufin' to do," she complained. It has been beautiful all day, and I felt bad that the kids had been sitting on their butts watching movies or playing computer all day - or week I guess would be more acurate - so I suggested that we eat lunch and then I would teach Kait and Ede how to play some games I always played as a kid.

Eden winning a round of Mother, May I...

After tuna sandwiches and molasses cookies, Mum drove up the hill. The boys all popped out and Sam and Jake started primping for the pictures. I told Ez we girls were going to go play some games in the driveway. I moved the car and took a chair from the deck and put it at the head of the driveway. I dragged a hose across so that we'd have a finish line and finally began to explain the rules to RedLight-GreenLight.

Kaitlyn following instructions for Mother, May I...

As a kid, I remember always playing games of "RedLight-GreenLight" and "Mother, May I" at grammies houses. We played multiple rounds of each of these games, along with a few others, and topped it all off with a race between the little kids. I was a little surprised at how many times they asked to repeat the games. We played for about 30 minutes or so, then headed in to get ready for pictures.
Kaitlyn pinning Ezra in a free-for-all. Their idea, not mine.


Calandria said...

Fun! I love these pictures! Thanks for posting them, Mal. My kids like to play those old games too sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've been trying to post pictures for years, but haven't been able to figure it out. Usually I don't have trouble with this type of thing, but blogger just kept sending me all over the place! Finally Mum sat down and showed me how. Quite truthfully I'm not the most computer saavy girl alive, but this was just rediculous!