Monday, April 23, 2007

Things I Love

Mum and Dad.
My family all over the world.
Music, singing is so much fun. But probably most especially piano music. I love it. I love everything about it.
Sports, especially gymnastics, basketball, baseball, and hockey. But there are so many others!
Hanging out with my roommies.
Hanging out with my friends.
Hide and go seek in the dark.
Maine, especially MDI, particularly during summer, fall, and winter - not so much during mud.
The ocean, rivers, streams, brooks, lakes, ponds, etc.
Snow, especially when I can play in it, or if there are soft and silent woods I can walk around through after they've been covered in snow.
Pounding rain when I'm inside, and can hear it and see it pounding through the window in the living room, as I drink something warm. (Watching my roommates venture out into it one-by-one for meetings and classes, when I don't have any, is just an added perk.)
Animals. Playing with them. Acting as one. What?! Me?!
The sky. It's a pretty amazing creation. The moon. The sun. Clouds.
Books. There are some really amazing ideas out there, and so many of them are written down just for us to read.
Cookies. They're my weakness, and that's okay with me.
Certain T.V. shows: Seinfeld and The Office, and House.
The human body - another baffling creation. I mean, I think about it, and then I have to stop, 'cause my head starts hurting. It's awful. It's crazy.


kyledawn said...

hey! you forgot about me!

Anonymous said...

I love you too Kyle, I just couldn't fit how much love I have for you into a reasonably-sized blog entry!

ML said...

I love Mally--in the summer, fall, winter, AND mud!

Calandria said...

i love cookies too, maybe as much as you do. and maybe i got you started on them that time i baked a batch and you ate like a dozen when you were 4. i know i've brought that up before. you have to have old relatives to bring up these little memories sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Hey it's all good. It's kind of a perk to being the older relative.