Sunday, April 22, 2007


I hate it when I can't sleep. My sleeping patterns have been so off lately, just 'cause of travel, not having any school, and things like that. I didn't nod off until almost 5! (Then I slept through my alarm clock and thus through Sacrament meeting... I had to go to another one later. It was lame.) Anyway, I did a couple things to bide my time. First, I read out of my book, The Long Walk, The True Story of a Trek to Freedom, by Slavomir Rawicz. It's excellent. I read a really good quote about humor. Here it is:

"The men I most admired were the jokers. They saved us often in our blackest moments. There were maybe four or five of them in our lot. They would joke about anything. Their quips were frequently macabre ... They were irrepressible. Nothing stopped them. I bless their memory for the gusty belly laughs they gave us..."

Later, at about 4, when it was quite clear that I wouldn't be falling asleep at any reasonable time, I pulled out my little green book I keep poems in. I jotted down my frustration:

Can't Sleep

Darkness fills the world outside,
Sharing the space with Silence.
In the walls of my home is where I hide
Writing down a late-night cadence.

Cool air sneaks past my drawn blinds
Calming my too-hot bedroom.
My Spirit finds peace, but not my Mind;
Thoughts do thrive in quiet gloom.

I wish only for a restful sleep,
Without another thought-fit,
Into which I can fall deep
Before the morning light hits.


ML said...

A "thought fit"--I've had those! I like your words.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I thought it was original. 'Course, I wasn't interested in being original when I wrote it, I really just wanted to go to sleep.

Calandria said...

i liked "thought fit" too. i hate it when that happens. or love it.