Thursday, April 05, 2007

What I Forgot Over the Winter

I was walking down the sidewalk today on my way to the guy's apartment, without a coat on. It's not only nice out now, but warm. It's beautiful. Probably somewhere in the 50's range or higher. All of a sudden, it hit me that I really didn't know what to do with my hands. Normally I would have them stuffed as deeply as possible into my coat pockets, but what now? I just let them hang by my sides for a second, but decided that it felt ape-like. So, I slipped my hand into my back pockets, but that felt more like I should be standing still, rather than walking down the street. This might have worked had I been walking and talking with someone. I folded my arms across my chest, but decided that it looked too much like I was angry over something, when really I was having a perfect day - it was nice out, I had just finished my last final, and was on my way to hang out with the guys; not much to be angry over.

Alas, I had already reached Arcadia Apartments before I had figured out what exactly to do with my awkward appendages.


ML said...

When I design the bodies, everyone's getting removeable Barbie arms!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Then we can have "No-Arm Parties!"