Saturday, April 07, 2007

An Eden Moment

The following takes place between the hours of 2 am and 4 am on a January morning in Saipan:

Kaitlyn: "Mal, can I sleep with you? I think Eden wet the bed."
Mal: "Yeah, sure. Did you wake her up?"
Kaitlyn: "Yeah, Alexa's helping her." Climbs into bed with me.

A few minutes later...

Eden: "Mallory, can I sleep with you guys?"
Mal: "Are you cleaned up?"
Eden: "Yes."
Mal: "Of course."

About an hour goes by with all of us girls on a full-size air mattress in the family room, keeping Alexa awake all night due to our incescent noise-making. Finally, possibly the funniest part of the whole night happened after Eden had drooled a little from laughing too hard.

Mal: "Eden, are you licking me again?" ("Again" refers to an earlier time that night when Eden thought it was hillariously funny that she was licking my shoulder. I promtly put her on the other side of Kaitlyn, but somehow she ended up back beside me.)
Eden: "No."
Mal: "Oh, okay. Good."
Eden: Entirely serious. "I am wiping the rest of my spit on you though." As if that is any better. After she said it, it hit all of us at once just how funny it was, and we cracked up into yet another peal of laughter.


Auntie Lee said...

When Eden is a teen she will not appreciate this little ditty on the internet but it is awfully cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I assure you, if she's anything like me - and she is - she'll get a kick out of it when she's 16.