Thursday, March 08, 2007

Balloons, Barmaids, and Bishop

Here's a pic of me and the girls setting up for the Bishop's farewell dinner. We're gonna miss him so much. Next week is his last. I have a pic of him somewhere, but I'll have to put it up later. Sorry it's not the best pic. It had to be taken a little far away 'cause of the balloons. And yes, that big blue one is three feet in diameter. That's what you get when you put Ang in charge of decor! Ha! I love it! The best part though was when Ang, Felicia, Katie and I were running the drinks. We would randomly call out "Oopa!" and in the back of the room, we'd hear the guys table respond the same. (I didn't know it was them and they didn't know it was us, until Jym and I figured it out afterwards.) I, being in charge of the ice and taking orders, would shout it out. And if anyone said, "Oh, I don't care, just anything" I'd shout, "Suicide!" and the girls would proceed to pour every drink on the end of the table into the red plastic cup. Bishop was working next to me serving potato salad. He would crack up every time I'd say something rediculous. His favorite was probably when Jordan asked if we had "a fine merlot." I told him we were entirely out, but (in my hunched-over, British winebibber impression) responded that we did have "an exceptionally excellent zinfandel."

Here's another one. (L-R) Katie, Ang, me. You can kind of see my haircut there. It's about the same length as the last time I cut it. (That was in November, maybe December. It had grown out a lot!)


ML said...

Cute hair--'course with those dimples it's hard to go wrong!

Anonymous said...

Gee, thanks Mum. Ya know, I dug 'em myself.