Friday, March 30, 2007

How to Have an Awesome St. Patrick's Day

Sorry these are so late getting up here. I've been busy - you know, end of the semester stuff. But these are great pictures, so I can't really pass them up. Besides - it's a step-by-step guide to some good ol' Irish fun! (With out the hangover the next day!)
STEP 1: Start with a 3-foot balloon.

STEP 2: Completely cover in paper mache.
STEP 3: It is important here, to spraypaint said balloon with a good shade of green. After it is completely dry, pop what has become big nasty balloon, and fill shell with candy - or at least the bottom portion.

STEP 4: Decorate house with gold streamers and green balloons. Green celephane over the light fixtures is always nice. Make green food - we had a broccoli/celery tray with dip.
STEP 5: Find the loudest costumes you possibly can. "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" pins are encouraged for those of us who are. Giant hats and masks are just so much fun!

STEP 6: Invite a bunch of people you know...

...and some you don't so much.

STEP 7: Play games, dance to Flogging Molly Songs, and bust open the GIANT green ball with a broom handle, while it swings from the second story!

STEP 8: Take lots of pictures to record the rediculousness of the evening!


kyledawn said...

who is that cute boy you're hugging?!?!

Anonymous said...

He's my boyfriend, Jym.

ML said...

I see you have the tub of water with apples in it right near an electrical outlet...Jym almost had a "shockingly" good time!

Anonymous said...

Well, it helps the flow of electricity is more than just a little sprinkle of water fell in there. Yeah, we should have suggested that he stick his finger in there with it.

Calandria said...

more about this jym, please.