Monday, March 12, 2007

Bye-Bye Bishopric! We'll miss you!

As I said before, Bishop Carter was released on Sunday. What an amazing guy! He is, in all honesty, the best bishop I have ever had. And that's saying something, 'cause I've lived with one of my bishop's family! And President Erickson is just so cool that everyone loves him. But when it comes to just being a great mentor, friend, and overall bishop, it's hard to beat Craig Carter. Our new bishop, Bishop Walker, I trust will be very good. He's funny, and very nice. But he certainly has some big shoes to fill.

Bishop Carter on the GPS scavanger hunt.

His counselors were both students, but they were way cool! Brother Hollist's son and daughter are so cute! And the Hansens are an awesome couple!

I wish I had a picture of Sister Carter, 'cause she was just as amazing as Bishop. Here are some of the statistics I could remember that Bishop figured over the last 4-1/2 years:

*Sister Carter has made and served about 2000 bowls of stew to members of the 28th Ward. She has made and served over 8000 scones!

*There have been 116 weddings, 40 of which have been between two people that atually met while they were both in the 28th Ward.

*Hundreds of missioaries that have either started their paperwork or finished it while attending the 28th Ward.

*The ward has been elk bugling 4 times. (Once every fall.)

*2 barns have been painted red.

And allow me to make a guess and say that Bishop Carter and his wife have been invited over to for dinner by someone in the 28th Ward once - twice if you count this coming Sunday. And have been heartattacked once - maybe more, but I'm only aware of once. They're some pretty awesome people. We're all going to miss them.

Me, Katie, Bishop Carter, and Ang. Bishop personally comes around to each of the apartements a couple of times a semester to deliver things, like Ensigns, or to encourage us to keep the promise we make to participate in the Ward Project we have every semester. In this picture, he was bringing around the ward picture and a Christmas letter, and of course, candy, as he always does.

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