Monday, April 04, 2005

Edenology - A Behavioral Study of My Youngest Sister

I promise President Benson a good piece of Edenology, but I would like to go further than that by helping you all take a look into the deep ponderings and concerns of my five-year-old little sister, Eden. She often voices serious concerns that I think you will find are actual problems we find on a national if not global level.

In an interview with her in the back of Dad's pickup while he was unloading bamboo and we (Eden and I) were hanging around, I found that Eden has concerns about the obesity issue of the United States. Of course, being a reflective person, she looked at the issue on a very personal level. The interview went as follows: Eden suddenly grabbed her cheeks (facial), saying (and I quote), "Evwy time I wun, my cheeks go BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!" (These last three words are accompanied with her hand pushing her cheeks up and down as a demonstration.) She was obviously disturbed... who wouldn't be?! Dad and I tried to console Sociologist by telling her that it was only because she was a healthy and cute little girl. She hid a shy smile, but revealed a look of, "Oh, you're just saying that because you have to." Dad and I just about burst with laughter... after she had left our presence of course!

The views exposed in this entry are personal opinions and the author thereof reserves the right to sue anyone that takes it too seriously.

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