Sunday, April 17, 2005

A Weekend in a Minute

Saturday morning: Attended General Conference, in which Brother Lonsdale got the tapes a little mixed up so we watched the Saturday Morning Session and the Sunday Afternoon Session. No matter, we got to watch them all anyway.
On the way home we dropped off my senior pictures so as to get copies of them. Let me know if you want one! (I'll even autograph it! JOKE!)

Saturday afternoon: Returned a phone call from Vicki (don't know her last name) in which I was asked if she could send my picture into the Japanese branch of CokaCola Industries for them to choose. They're getting ready for a commercial and she's a modeling agent I applied with last summer. She said she'd call me back if I were chosen. (How thoughtful!)
Went to the Flame Tree Arts Festival. Bought a really cool necklace. Wanted to buy a lot more, but had NO money. Saw a lot of friends, hung out mostly with Jocelyn and Laura Hogan and Kaitlyn. Kait, Joce and I all got our picture taken together (for free) at one booth. I get to keep it since I'm leaving. (I pull that one on everybody. Works, every time!) ;)
Took Laura and Joce home with me and called Taylor and Madison Smith and Jenny Villegas and invited them over for a movie. All came except Jen. I don't know why.

Sunday: Attended the last two sessions of General Conference and loved it. Excellent talks. In between sessions, Brother Smith went out into his car and was in there for a very long time. Everyone was oblivious to it, even Sister Smith, who left in her car with the kids (except Taylor). We were in the kitchen feeding people that had stayed; a couple of missionaries, kids, our family, etc. I went outside and saw Brother Steyskal struggling to get Brother Smith out of the car; Sam was trying to help, and Taylor looked extremely worried. I saw that Bro. Smith had a hard time letting go of the steering wheel, and Bro. Steyskal was having a very hard time getting him out. I rushed into the kitchen and interrupted Dad in the midst of making his sandwich. "Dad, I think Bro. Smith needs your help." I held the door open so Dad and Mum could look out at the car. Dad rushed out and the rest of us looked on. They all got in the car (Bro. Steyskal driving, Taylor and Dad in back with Bro. Smith). Bro. Smith is extremely diabetic, but has always been very good at taking his shots and such. Apparently he had missed one or something, and had gone into hypoglycemic shock. (I recognized it pretty quick. I had studied diabetes in depth last year and the year before.) Dad told me that when he came around he said that he didn't even remember walking out of the chapel. He said that that's never happened before. Mum called Sister Smith, but couldn't get through, so she called Sis. Benson who ran down to the Smith's house and told them that Bro. Smith was in the hospital. Sis. Bernie said she was first to notice he was in trouble when she went to the car to ask him if he was okay. He said he was, but she knew he wasn't and ran to get Bro. Steyskal and Taylor. What a scare!

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