Saturday, April 02, 2005


It is said, "through the eyes
One may view the soul",
And so from now on
This is my goal:
To view everyone
Whether "Friend" or "Foe"
Through their very own eyes;
By this I shall know
If the utterance "Friend" is just the right word
That I have bestowed
On whom I think it's deserved.
The eyes are the windows,
Not simply opaque,
And through them I can see
How to correct a mistake.

Yet expedient too
Is what my eyes reveal;
Have they become clouded
With a cold heart of steal?
Are they darker now
So that you can't see in?
If so, my good Brothers,
Then my soul's tinged with sin.
Dear Sisters! I call you!
Come to my aid!
Pull me out of despair
That my light will not fade.
I'm so glad I have realized
In the time of my youth
Just how important it is
To live by Virtues and Truth.
And so I've decided
To extend my new goal
To reach even further
Than just judging your soul.
The extension is this:
From now on I will strive
To make my Soul a Torch
That will shine in my eyes.

Originally Written on October 14, 2004 after hearing John Bytheway's talk, "Standards Night Live". Reference to Matt. 5: 14-16


a man from Saipan said...

Written by who, you?

Anonymous said...

Of COURSE! Who'd you expect?!

a man from Saipan said...


Oh wait, it is no fun making fun of someone's mom if you know them and respect them. So, I liked it, keep up the writing.

Anonymous said...

very funny justin. i here you're quite the poet as well, from what your father tells me... i have also figured out that you use another blog to hide the poems from me! I WILL FIND YOU OUT!!! BWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Blink said...

Lol, you do have an evil laugh. You and Justin both write beautiful poetry. I love poems, something so endearing about them. I never realised I liked reading or writing poetry till this year. I'm so glad I did, I also like to draw and yes, once again I love to babble as it is apparent.